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Common Tools for Calm When You’re Feeling Insane

Common Tools for Calm When You're Feeling Insane

First of all, you need to honestly admit that you do not know how to control yourself

Try to remember all the situations in which anger has taken hold of you. Analyze what was the reason – someone’s joke or an ordinary argument, try to objectively assess the situation. This will help you understand that you are overreacting to everything. Plus, you will find that you never really tried to control your anger by always saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to fix it

Try not to get angry immediately, train yourself to pause before the the emotional release. During this respite, try to comprehend the situation, you will most likely come up with the idea that intemperance will not bring relief, but, on the contrary, will lead to new troubles.

In case you feel that you are about to “explode”, tell yourself to relax

Repeat the command until you control yourself. This will help calm the subconscious mind, and then the mind.

It is very important to use the right images while controlling your anger

Usually, the reasons for dissatisfaction lie in external circumstances and expectations. You feel insane the moment your hopes are broken. At this time, all that is required is to close your eyes and imagine a clean white sheet. This will calm your nerves and neutralize negative emotions. At the first sign of anger, take a deep breath, it will help change the images in your head and calm down faster.

A very effective way is to transform negative emotions into humor

Try to imagine the annoying people in a funny situation.

Assess the situation

When someone makes you feel insane, just walk away, take a walk, or have a glass of water, and after calming down, politely explain your point of view. If your opponent is not ready to understand you, do not try to prove your opinion in any way. The main thing is that you know that you are right, so there is no point in worrying about trifles.

Remember, sometimes you have to give in

People often do not think that by stubbornly insisting on their own, they behave like capricious children. Avoid this, try to listen to your opponent’s point of view, respect his opinion, self-critical of your own view of the problem. Reasonable concessions will lead to great results, as they cause the respect of others.

Remember that you cannot be perfect in everything

First of all, try to do your job as quality as possible, that is, what you have talent for. Sometimes, it is enough to get success in one or two areas to achieve a sense of satisfaction.

It is very useful to learn how to distract yourself from your problems for a while

No matter how serious your worries are, periodically get rid of them. Try not to infect people around you with your bad mood. Be reasonable and tactful, do not turn every nuisance into a global problem.

Try not to be alone with your problems

The conversation with a benevolent and judicious person can bring relief. Often the advice of your interlocutor is not so much needed as his sympathy and sincere interest.

Most importantly, don’t be overly demanding

Most often, the one who expects too much from others is irritated, since people do not always meet his expectations. However, remember that constant criticism will not make them what you want them to be. Try to see dignity in people, relying on these qualities when communicating. Following these tips, working on yourself, at one point you will be surprised to find that the world suits you.