Healthy Mind & Healthy Body

5 Essential Ingredients for Raising our Standards

Your quality of life is a reflection of your standards. You may be making millions, but your mind may still feel poor. This poverty has nothing to do with the lack of money. Poverty is a state of mind and a conscious choice to live by low living standards.

When people talk about a low standard, I don’t mean all the luxuries and pleasures that rich people can afford, because a person can raise the standards regardless of their income level. It’s not a matter of money, but of a worldview.

Each of us has our own values. In one area of life, we may have high standards, while in other areas we simply try to avoid them. Five main areas of life are listed below in which you need to raise your own standards.


Obviously, it is difficult to consider the modern average person healthy. The main causes of this “epidemic” are smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy food and a sedentary lifestyle. If you want to live well and keep a healthy body, your health and fitness must be above average. Raise your standards by eating healthy foods, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep and rest when you need it.


Get to know to manage your finances. Spend money wisely, track your expenses, save for a rainy day, bargain and invest. You can live a humble life, buying only those things and services that can truly improve your life. Avoid buying spontaneously, but do not spare money for the people you love.

You can start earning more if you become irreplaceable and demand as much as you deserve. Indispensability here means the ability to do something unusual. Constantly look for opportunities to learn new things and improve your work. Do not stop growing and do not settle for mediocre work.

When you raise your standards of work, you get better results. As a result, you start to love what you do. And mediocre work leads to mediocre results and arouses hatred for it.

Develop a strong work ethic, fulfill your commitments, and overfulfill tasks to stand out from the crowd. Identify your strong points and use them to add value to the world.

Mediocre work will soon be replaced by machines. Be creative and think more to save your job in the future.


You shouldn’t lower your standards for those who refuse to raise their. Meeting new people is great. But if you are not careful about the kind of people you surround yourself with, you can become trapped in mediocre or stereotypical thinking styles. You shouldn’t lower your standards in order to fit into a certain social circle. Look for people who are constantly raising their standards and helping you grow yourself. Avoid jealous, selfish, passive-aggressive, dishonest, or narcissistic individuals, because such people are considered energy vampires.

Surround yourself with those who accept and respect you. These people are unlikely to be perfect, but they will still inspire you to get better in one way or another. We are all different and each has its own disadvantages. Learn to accept the other person’s shortcomings if you are compatible and help each other grow.

Raising your standards in a relationship requires full attention, love, and commitment to working on the relationship. It includes a willingness to make sacrifices, caring for the needs of the other person, showing love, and refusing to take loved ones for granted.


You raise your standards every time you ignore small-minded people, say no to anything that distracts you, put off pleasure for later, and consciously agree to the inconvenience. Everyday small decisions are the foundation of your standards. Stop reacting to temptations. The urge to log into a social network, check for new notifications, eat unhealthy food, miss work, buy unnecessary things, be sad about the past, or waste time will never go away. And it is your responsibility to define and resist such desires before they bring damage to you.

Following temptations testifies to the immaturity of the personality. Such people seek instant gratification and neglect the future. You shouldn’t be controlled by your desires. The true sign of wisdom is making the right decisions in the face of strong temptations.

Always try to do everything right, regardless of your wishes. This will make you feel proud of yourself, and your self-confidence will become firm.

But you don’t have to give up all the pleasures in life – they can be enjoyed in moderation. Find a healthy balance for yourself, but don’t go overboard.

Way of thinking

Your actions are determined by your thoughts. If you want to fill your mind with productive thoughts, you need to arrange your environment so that most of your thoughts are useful and can help you in some way.

A destructive way of thinking leads to depression, anxiety. Your inner voice is the only way to connect with your subconscious. Become your own life guide. Use the power of self-affirmation to feel all your power and be inspired to do great things.

What hopes do you place on yourself? Most people never know what they are capable of because they think too narrowly or because they are not self-sufficient.

If you raise your standards of thinking, you can avoid the shock of your failures or mistakes. You will begin to see obstacles as opportunities for growth and development, and instead of envy, you will be filled with inspiration. You will begin to engage in healthy competition instead of comparing yourself to others.

Situations change people when their capabilities become a necessity. Determine exactly in what cases your standards need to be adjusted and set yourself the goal of raising them. Think about the cost and the consequences of further delay. Change your limiting beliefs and start working on clearing your doubts.

Raising your standards does not mean becoming an egomaniac. This is just a healthy expression of self-respect. Find inspiration in the words of mentors or exemplary work in your field, do your best to become a role model too. If you set the standard high for yourself, your productivity will only increase. However, one should not forget that the quality of the results depends on the amount of work done.

Sometimes it may turn out that your current standards are lower than you would like. There is nothing wrong with that if you notice such a “gap” and have already started working on its elimination. Just do your thing and constantly create, learn and improve. And no excuses – you yourself are responsible for what your life will be like.