Indecision is something we all experience at some point. Especially when it comes to potentially life changing decisions, ie quitting your job or ending a relationship. But I know from experience that indecision can creep up on you at any point in time, even if you’re not contemplating making a life altering decision. I mean sometimes I have trouble deciding what I want for lunch!

I spent most of my life plagued by indecision. For years my go to answer for things was “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure”. The reason being I was usually afraid or disconnected, and sometimes both. I was too scared I’d make the wrong choice or worse I had no clue what felt like the genuinely right choice for me.

So here are my top 5 tips to help you not only gain the clarity needed to make decisions but make the ones that feel right to you.

Step 1: De-clutter
Odds are that if you’re struggling making a decision you probably have a lot on your mind and just may be a bit tense.  It’s hard to get clear on things when you’re mind is cluttered, so take 5 minutes to relax and focus on your breathing. The more at ease you are, the easier it will be for you to make decisions. The same goes for your environment, a cluttered space can sometimes add more chaos to your mind. So if you’re noticing some major clutter in your mind and space try clearing some of that physical clutter out of your space first. It will definitely turn down the volume on the chaos around you and the de-cluttering of your mind will follow. Doing this alone may provide you with the clarity needed to come up with an answer to whatever question you’re faced with.

Step 2: Ask Your Body
We all too often ignore the fact that our bodies hold a wealth of information. They can reveal a lot about where we are emotionally/mentally. So when you’re torn take a moment to ask your body. Start by relaxing your body and then begin to think about your choices. The important thing here is to become aware of the sensations in your body. If you feel your body start to tense up then that may not be a good choice for you. You’ll notice your body automatically starts to tense up at the thought of an idea that deep down doesn’t feel right to you. Your shoulders start to go up, your breathing changes, you feel a knot in your stomach…all signs of your body saying “no thank you, let’s not do that!”. However, if you start to think of another choice and your body feels at ease or you feel a sense of excitement or anticipation rather than stress…well then you have your answer.

Step 3: Get Physical
Sometimes there’s so much going on around us and in our minds that it seems nearly impossibel to get even a second of clarity. That’s usually when you have to find a way to just let it all go, and the best way to do that is to get moving. Getting out of your own head and instead focusing on a physical activity is like hitting the reset button on your brain. It gives you a way to both release stress and refocus. My activity of choice is dancing, it helps to find a song that reflects how I’m feeling and just jam my little heart out! But you can do whatever activity you like…running, yoga, biking, etc. As long as you choose a physical activity that you can really allow yourself to get lost in, this will work. Maybe it’s because of the rush of endorphins you get afterwards or because it gives you an outlet for your frustrations but I guarantee that things will be a lot clearer after doing this.

Step 4: Advise a Friend
The key to this is to take yourself out of the equation. There are times when you’re so caught up in a situation it’s nearly impossible to see things clearly.. So for a second pretend that you aren’t the one having to make the decisions. Think as though it were a friend of yours who was undecided. Look at the circumstances the way you would if you were a third party completely removed from the situation. What would you advise your friend to do in that case? You’ll find that taking the time to look at things from a completely different perspective can be surprisingly helpful.

Step 5: Flip a Coin
Now I know this seems silly but trust me on this, it has definitely helped me in the past. If you’re ever caught in a situation where you aren’t clear on what it is you really want, just flip for it. And don’t worry, we won’t really be leaving your life decisions up to a coin. The trick is to get you to pick sides. Choice A= heads, Choice B= tails…Now close your eyes, flip the coin, and before it lands pick heads or tails. Now even if you pick tails and when you open your eyes you see heads, it doesn’t matter. The important thing is now you know which of those 2 choices you really prefer.

I know from experience that struggling with indecision can be overwhelming, and stressful. But hopefully you’ll find that one or more of these tips help give you the clarity needed to finally decide.

Rosi is a life and style coach, makeover junkie, and all around unicorn who believes the best and most extreme makeovers arethe the ones that change your mind and heart. Having struggled with an eating disorder as a teen, she is passionate about promoting the art of self love and encouraging women to have happy healthy relationships with themselves. Based in NYC, she is the founder of a site dedicated to providing women with the guidance necessary to healing the relationship they have with themselves.
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