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6 Ways To Heal Feelings of Disconnection

6 Ways To Heal Feelings of DisconnectionSomeone likes feeling disconnected, and he/she draws inspiration from this state, but for someone it becomes a frightening test that can even cause mental disease. We will tell you why this happens and what to do if you feel disconnected.

Am I feel disconnected, it should be scary?

The feeling of disconnection is experienced by a person in different ways. It is easy to cope with it if you know why it arises. The feeling of disconnection can be temporary (situational), for example, related to a divorce of parents, a change of school or a move to study in another city. In this case, after a while, the person gets used to the new environment and overcomes the feeling of disconnection.

If a person thinks about the meaning of life, about his place in the world, then we are talking about existential disconnection. Most often, it occurs during the experience of age crises, when there is a rethinking of the past years and a building of plans for the future.

Finally, the most undesirable type of feeling disconnected is chronic, when a person lives with this feeling for a long time. Typically, this state is experienced by people with low self-esteem, shy and uncommunicative who lack social skills and who are constantly afraid of something. Chronic loneliness often begins in childhood and is associated with traumatic events.

Now let’s show you how to deal with feelings of disconnection.

Fight with self-esteem

People with low self-esteem are afraid to make acquaintances and listen to criticism. In order to prevent this from happening, you should think about how to enhance your self-esteem. This can be consultations with a psychologist, breathing exercises, and many other ways. Are there any cases when a school “ugly duckling” 10 years after graduation turned into a beautiful girl? Yes, we are about those guys who were teased at school and who afterwards transformed, increased their self-esteem and succeeded in life. So find the right way to help you become confident.

Build out your social circle

It is not necessary to get acquainted with the first person you meet on the streets. You can become more attentive to the people with whom you see in class at school or university, in the sports section or gym. Talk to them about a casual topic, joke. So short meetings can turn into friendship and you will not notice how the people around you will become not so scary and unattainable.

Tell someone about your feelings of disconnection

When the feeling of disconnection is difficult to deal with alone, share this feeling with someone you trust. This can act like a good psychotherapy session. Share your fears, discuss issues that worry you. Perhaps a friend can offer good advice and help you cope with the oppressive feelings of loneliness.

Get out of your comfort zone more often

When loneliness interferes with a normal life, do not hide in a corner. Do the opposite, attend public places. Sign up for a fitness or creative club, go to board games or the like, where you can’t do without contacts. Leaving your comfort zone and interacting with other people, you will understand that you are not at all alone. These are new emotions, a way to relax and express yourself.

Help other people

For complete happiness, it is worth not only getting support, but also offering it to others. And the feeling that someone needs you completely kills loneliness. Therefore, do not be afraid to offer your help to relatives, friends or acquaintances. Then they will begin to need you and address you not only for business, but also for communication.

Understand what you are missing so as not to be disconnected

Decide what you are missing to fill the inner void? Second half? Friends who will always be there? Find out what the reason is and write down a plan for how to eliminate it. For example, you have moved to another city and all your friends are far from you. Of course, in the modern world, there are no barriers to communication: social networks, skype, smartphone. But I want a close friend to be near, and it is so lonely without him. It’s time to fill this void and meet the guys from the new school, right? Try to join a new team and find a group of like-minded people with whom you will become friends in the future.