There is nothing like having a one of a kind bauble that is completely and uniquely YOU. Unfortunately such things are harder and hard to find in the cookie cutter bridal industry. And when it comes down to items that should be the most personal and unique like engagement rings and wedding bands, the personality is almost totally gone! Not to mention there are “guidelines” and “traditions” to adhere to.

So, what if you are ready to break the mold and get an engagement ring that rewrites the rulebook? You are, let’s say, less than traditional. You pave your own path through life and you want your most precious of jewelry to prove it. One way to set you apart is to choose colored stones in your engagement ring or wedding band.

Replacing a diamond with a colored stone is a sure way to not only add color but the perfect way to reflect your personality. Colored stones can add deeper meaning to your ring and help set you apart as the individual you are. It is also a great way to serve the environment in the midst of all the controversy surrounding diamonds.

Special stones are a rising trend for celebrities, even royalty! Kate Middleton inherited Princess Di’s Blue Sapphire. Carmen Electra chose a black diamond. Jessica Simpson dons a vintage Ruby ring. And the list goes on.

Here are a few examples of how blushing brides have flaunted their style through engagement rings and wedding bands:

The Traditionalist

For the traditionalist, a stunning nearly 4 carat aquamarine and engraved platinum band perfectly balances the girly style of the ring, while at the same time, helping it to brilliantly stand out amongst a sea of traditional diamonds.

The Bohemian

A mauve sapphire and a branch motif band were inspired by an adventure in Sri Lanka. It is a fantastic representation of a bohemian style while incorporating an element of elegance with the subtle diamond details.

The Romantic

Blue sapphires are elegant and have very strong love energy. For the romantic, blue sapphire and a vine-­‐like motif is the perfect match. A vintage setting highlights each stone with a soft, mill grain edge.

The Modern

For the girl who likes the idea of having diamonds but wants a secret for herself. Sparkly white diamonds displayed on top are a cover for the subtle black diamonds hidden underneath the setting and accented on the side.

The Artist

Funky and cool! A citrine ring is set in a fresco style 18K gold band that reflects the texture of an oil painting or a mural. A ring like this is perfect for someone who is artistic and unique.

The Yogini

For someone who craves meaning in her wedding band, the uneven texture in the hammered band is the perfect fit. Accented with cognac AND white diamond, the stones pop out of the surface of the band. Just for the wearer a personal message and an OM symbol engraved inside.

Of course, those examples are not even near all encompassing. The only limit to personalizing your engagement ring and wedding band is your imagination, and that is truly what makes you special.

What do you think about colored stone Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands? Does it fit your style? Tell us in the comments below.

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This article was written by guest contributor Tracy Matthews. Tracy is a multi-faceted solo-preneur. Motivated by her mission to bring beauty, peace and inspiration to the people who cross her path, she has many titles: designer of eco-luxury, bespoke jewelry, instructor of creative, grounding yoga and a curator of inspiring people and amazing things. As a bespoke jewelry designer based in NYC, Tracy prides herself in creating luxurious, sustainable and eco-friendly pieces for her clients. She has a raw talent for emulating and designing engagement rings and wedding bands that that perfectly suit the individuality of each person she works with. Learn more about Tracy at

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6 Responses to 6 Ways To Infuse Color Into Your Engagement Ring Or Wedding Band
  1. These are SO beautiful Tracey :) I love The Bohemian + The Modern. I’ll definitely know where to send my future husband ;)

    Ashley Taylor

  2. Thanks so much Ashley!! I love both the modern and the traditionalist too!

  3. And of course the bohemian…one of my favorites!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, Tracy! You make the most amazing pieces!

  5. Wow. This is a great post, Tracy b/c I honestly kind of hate traditional diamonds and the predictableness of them. You presented such beautiful options here. Love them ALL actually. I will definitely keep this post in mind if I’m ever contemplating letting a fella slide a ring on my recently liberated ring finger again. :)

  6. I had the honor to work with Tracy the past winter and all I’m going to say is WOW! I had the most amazing experience and my ring came out exactly as I wanted it to be. Tracy’s creativity and professionalism as well as kindness and willingness to work with me to understand what I was desiring to make my wedding ring and band unique and me and my husband’s, was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had in working with a jeweler. And the fact that she’s a love and totally cool makes even better! Thank you Tracy <3


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