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How to Be A Remarkable Person: 8 Steps

It is important for each person to feel their importance in the team. At the same time, many believe that their actions are underestimated. To prevent this from happening, you need to learn how to correctly present your strengths and less demonstrate disadvantages. We found 8 rules that you need to adhere to in order to become a remarkable person.

How to Be Remarkable

1. Individual image

You need a unique look. Moreover, you need a unique detail in the image. After all, your own original external image is something that even people you don’t know can remember you. And we are not talking about beauty at all. It sounds odd but uniqueness can even be expressed in ugliness or vulnerability. Even unique gait, gestures, facial expressions, intonation, communication style or detail in the wardrobe can make you remarkable.

Here are some examples of the details of famous people or what they are associated with:

  • Charlie Chaplin – mustache, suit, cane;
  • Tilda Swinton – asexuality, lack of makeup;
  • Winston Churchill – fullness, cigar;
  • Joseph Stalin – mustache, pipe, accent;
  • Adolf Hitler – a mustache of a special shape, intonation;
  • Dita von Teese – the image of the 40s, red lipstick;
  • Marilyn Monroe – hair color, birthmark;
  • Salvador Dali – mustache, facial expressions.

2. You must have a big dream

In order for people to strive for you and appreciate you as a truly special person, you must certainly have ambitions, goals, the desire to change something in this world. Fighting for something. After all, a person without a dream is like a book without an idea. Why read this?

3. Be self-confident

To be remarkable, you first need to be confident. You need to make decisions boldly, be able to rely only on yourself, do not wait for help from outside and communicate your ideas to other people in an accessible way.

Confidence is felt not only in behavior but also in speech. Avoid phrases such as “I think, I hope, I believe, maybe.”

4. Forget about complaints

Think: could you admire and try to be like the person who constantly complains? We doubt it. Remarkable people are positive. Avoid criticism, complaints, and negative topics. Even if everything is not going smoothly in life, start talking with what brings you pleasure and will bring it to your listeners.

5. Become a great storyteller

Many people believe that the ability to tell interesting stories is a talent.

But it’s not always the case. In most cases, this is a skill that can be learned. Just speak confidently, use humor, especially self-irony – the ability to laugh at yourself. Use sign language, be emotional and positive. Don’t be discouraged if not every your story or joke “worked”.

Tell your personal stories. If it’s something really interesting, many people will share it with others.

6. Don’t look away

When talking to a person, always look into their eyes. Sometimes one piercing glance can say more than a thousand words: correct contact with the eyes shows that you are listening to the interlocutor, understand and accept him/her as a person.

Important: when you are talking to someone at an event, do not be distracted by extraneous things, do not glance at your phone and do not scan the crowd in the hope of seeing a more “necessary” interlocutor.

7. Learn to listen to others

You don’t need to consider yourself the most important person in the world and strive to turn the gaze of the whole environment only to yourself. A person can be attracted by his/her genuine interest in the life of others because listening to other people is an art. If you listen carefully to another person and show interest, he/she begins to feel needed and even to some extent special.

Of course, it is impossible to remember everything that the interlocutor said, but remembering his/her name is a big deal. There is one curious trick: when you introduce yourself to a person, repeat his/her name: “Sara, very nice.” And to make a person immediately remember you, use the same technique of repetition, only this time with your name: “Hello, my name is Mike. Mike Johnson.”

8. Use a mirror effect

The mirror effect, or just mirroring, is a simple way to place a person close to you, repeating his/her facial expressions, intonation or gestures. This always works since the technique is based on the nature of human narcissism: the interlocutor unconsciously begins to feel that you are on the same wavelength with him/her.

The same effect can be applied not only in a conversation with the aim of being closer to any person but also to adopt the “tricks” of people who seem to you remarkable.