Are you the kind of girl who hits snooze three times before you finally drag yourself out of bed and into the shower only to shockingly discover (even though this seems to be a reoccurring pattern) that you only have fifteen minutes to get dressed and make it to work on time?

You throw on some random dress and flip flops, put heals in your bag and rush out the door.  You grab a bagel and cream cheese at the cart outside your office building, power walk through the lobby into the elevator like you are about to miss your plane, plop down in front of your computer and stuff your bagel in your mouth as you check your email.

And when the adrenaline wears off around 9:45am, you’re even more tired than you were when your alarm went off for the first time at 7:30am.

The reality is that sleeping an extra half an hour doesn’t actually make you feel more rested, or set you up for a successful day.  In fact, it makes you sluggish, stressed, and frazzled.

A lot of us stay in bed because the thought of going to work makes us miserable, or we just can’t face the idea of going to a crowded gym.  BUT if you can start to create a morning routine that you actually enjoy and look forward to, you have something besides work to jump out of bed for when your alarm goes off at 7am.

Add these to your routine to spice things up:

Find an alarm that will play music as your wakeup call.  Whoever came up with the idea that a jarring BEEP BEEP BEEP, is the best way to wake up had major issues.  Instead try waking up to an upbeat song that makes you feel happy, or a relaxing instrumental, which reminds you of waking up after an amazing massage at a spa.

Upgrade your shower products. Find body washes, scrubs, and shampoos that make you feel fabulous.  In fact, invest in a few different types of body wash.  One day you may be in the mood for a lavender scented moisturizing wash, and another day a cucumber sea salt scrub.  Go for diversity so your morning shower is never boring.

Spend some time making a nice breakfast.  This is a step most of us skip, but eating a good breakfast, and taking time to eat it AT HOME is the best way to set yourself up for a successful day.  It gives you time to slow down and center yourself, the food will give you energy and you will feel nurtured just by spending the time to create something wonderful.

Do something fun before going to work.  This must sound pretty crazy to you, but doing something fun for yourself before you start your day will set the stage for a day of joy, happiness and empowerment.    Try:
•    Dancing around your apartment
•    Meditating
•    Sitting at your favorite coffee shop for 20 minutes and reading a magazine
•    Getting together with a girl friend for a quick catch up
•    Getting your nails done
•    Going for a walk outside, and visiting the local dog park

Put together a fabulous outfit.  A lot of us have gotten out of the habit of pulling ourselves together in the morning.  Instead we choose the path of least resistance and put on something in a rush without thought.  Try to see the fun in getting dressed.  Putting patterns and looks together can be very creative.  Your outfit should reflect the way you want to feel today.  Do you want to feel professional and pulled together, fun and flirty, mysterious and sensual?  Top is all off with a nice hair-do and fresh make-up.

I promise after putting a little extra into your morning, even if it takes you 90 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes to get out the door, you will feel more rested, centered and energetic than if you slept until 11am, and I bet that the struggle to get out of bed will rapidly vanish.

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19 Responses to Add Color To Your Morning Routine
  1. Love it! Just a little bit of luxury will help jump-start your day!

  2. I loved this article Sarah!

  3. Amazing advice! Thanks Sarah!

  4. This was extremely helpful. I’m not a morning person and my job requires me to be up by 5! Getting to eat is normally the only exciting part about waking up and I feel encouraged to try new things to excite me other than food. I like the idea about fun bodywashes and having a fun activity to do before work. Great article!

  5. I could NOT agree with you more, Sarah! Mornings are thee most favorite time of my day! People think I’m nuts for getting up so darn early but if its the only time that I honestly feel I can just be! Meditate, journal, dance around while getting ready, breakfast…I’m ready to go! Even if the rest of my day is nuts-o, I feel like I still accomplished some QT with myself!

    Thanks, Sarah!

  6. Loved the article. I feel like my mornings are filled with fulfilling everyone else’s needs but not mine! I’m taking back my mornings by getting up before everyone else! Thanks, Sarah!

  7. As always Sarah – GREAT advice. It sure has worked for me though transitioning into the fall and later sunrise means I needed this pep talk!

  8. Great article- I am working on my amazing morning routine right now! =)

  9. Fantastic job! –definitely the pick me up I needed as the semester begins.

  10. Thanks Sarah, I’m motivated just thinking about my morning routine. I also find that if I am organized before going to bed, it makes a huge difference in the morning. It makes the morning so much easier if my lunch is ready to grab from the fridge and my outfit is laid out.

  11. This article is awesome, i passed it forward and I strooooonngggllly suggest everyone to do this every morning!!! what a great help and what a great way to start your day off right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  12. tried this and it definitely worked!

  13. Sar- this is awesome.. very helpful tips.

  14. I just started getting up at 6:00am every morning this week. A goal I set with my coach and happy to say I stuck to it! I am NOT a morning person, never have been, but having those extra hours in the morning is like having a whole other day! I have been getting my workouts in during others hour, along with spiritual work I have been wanting to do. Really is miraculous! Thanks for the tips above, I will be adding those to my list of motivators to pull myself out of bed each morning to continue my success.

  15. I am so glad for you, Jenny! The morning is such a beautiful time of day and the more we can ENJOY it, the better our days will be.

    Keep up the good work!


  16. I LOVE this!!! I am going to refer to this article in an upcoming blog post :)

  17. I jump on my mini trampoline in the morning. It’s the best morning mind-reframe ever :)

  18. Great article! I’ve been having a tough time installing a morning routine and I think that’s because it lacks an element of fun (morning yoga can feel like a drag sometimes!). I’m going to try and watch a tv series that I’ve been loving for twenty minutes and see if that helps me get all pumped up. Sounds contrarian but it might work. Thanks again for the suggestions Sarah!


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