What if we had it all wrong?

What if anxiety isn’t the enemy?

What if anxiety is an expression of Love?

Anxiety. It moves in at the speed of light. And suddenly, your chest tightens, your breath shortens, and your mind begins to race. This feeling is the opposite of warm and fuzzy. You don’t want it there. You try to push it out. You try to stuff it down. You try to yell at it to move and go on it’s merry way. You try to meditate it away. You ask your crystals to take it away. Really, anything to stop this feeling.

Both you and I know that anxiety isn’t fun. It’s not something we talk about every day, although it’s something most of us experience quite often.

But listen, I want to pose a question to you: What if anxiety has your back? What if anxiety is beckoning you to hear it’s divine messages? What if anxiety is solely waiting for you to listen?

3 Steps to Hearing Anxiety’s Hidden Message:

1. Sit and breathe. Close your eyes, take a deep breath up from your pelvis, feel it move up to the crown of your head. Exhale from the top of your crown down to your pelvis.

2. Free write. In the midst of it feeling anxious, sit down and ask anxiety “What are you trying to tell me?” and just write. It is helpful to write out “Anxiety is trying to tell me” and finish the sentence.

3. Listen. Look at what anxiety is trying to tell you. You may be surprised at how loving and gentle it is once you open the dialogue.

About the Author

This article was written by Alison Leipzig, our very own Body Confidence Guru! Alison is dedicated to making our relationship with our bodies loving, safe and freakin' fun and she infuses her confidence philosophies in to everything she creates. Having been through her own struggles with her body and loving and accepting herself, Alison has a compassionate and unique perspective that can allow you to access divine clarity. She also loves to guide our Bella Beauties on their Body Confidence journeys so leave a comment below and she will walk you through your questions and concerns step by step. To learn more about Alison Leipzig or to connect with her further, visit her Bella Life profile here.

6 Responses to Anxiety’s Hidden Message. It’s Not What You Think!
  1. I love this! I once had a therapist say that to me. She asked me if I could possibly see my anxiety as my friend, that sometimes, it’s my inutuition guiding me. I had always hated my anxiety but turning it all around to ask myself, what it is my anxiety is telling me, really helped me.

  2. LOVE THIS! good one!

  3. Really love these practical steps. This is very new for me, thinking of anxiety as something loving rather than something that needs to be “addressed.” I’m open!


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