As a Stylist, I know that a fitted waist draws the eye to the most flattering feature on a woman’s body. And as a curvy girl, I know how important that is when looking for something fab to wear. My Cheap Chic sensibility of buy it cheap and make it chic are completely satiated in the online clothing customization and budget friendly dress collection of eShakti.

What makes this online shop so unique is that you can tailor your purchase to fit your precise sizing, from 0 – 26W for less than $10. And honestly, that’s not always an option for bigger sizes, so already the site is in my inner circle of fashion favorites. With an easy to navigate, built-in customization tool, customers can change a neckline, shorten a hem or tailor a top to fit “the girls” with incredibly quick turnaround time that allows shoppers to receive their custom made look within a week of ordering. (more…) read more →

A few months ago, I had the tremendous honor of seeing Wayne Dyer speak. For those that don’t know, Dr. Wayne Dyer is an internationally renowned spiritual advisor, author and speaker with many life affirming books, including The Power of Intention and The Shift, under his metaphysical belt. His words on life and passion were so powerful that day. But what stood out to me, was the love and inclusion of his family, particularly his daughters Skye and Tracy Dyer as part of his presentation. As the daughter of a loving Dad, I really appreciated his support of his daughters. Especially Tracy, who left a career as a Best Buy Marketing Executive and in 2005 founded Urban Junket, a colorful and conscious-driven handbag brand. Talk about changing your thoughts to change your life. Tracy believes passionately that fashion and function shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for each other. Tracy’s goal at Urban Junket is to create inspired styling combined with quality materials and efficient usable spaces that help to keep you colorful and organized while protecting your treasures during the daily journeys that define your life. My favorite collection is the t.o.t.e which not only stands for To Observe The Earth, but also puts a fresh twist on recycling. The exterior is a coated canvas, made with 100% organic cotton and azo-free dyes. The cool blue lining is all RPET fabric, made from recycled plastic water bottles transformed to thread. And they come available in a variety of 100% organic vegetable dyes, making going green that much more colorful.

Urban Junket collection include Laptop Handbags, Handcrafted Handbags, Convertible Totes, Create-it-Yourself Handbag Kits and are available online at

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From stay-at-home mom to successful entrepreneur, Ivonne Kino has been creating jewelry with a soul since 2000. Her aspirations have culminated into Blee Inara, a vibrant jewelry brand offering the perfect combination of design, comfort, and beauty, all inspired by a sense of harmony, bliss, goodwill and peace.  The line of colorful rings, bracelets, necklaces, anklets, earrings and wraps, all come adorned with an “evil eye”, used in many cultures as a good luck charm in any life situation that calls for it.

Her extensive collection of beautiful pieces are made with the most thoughtful of materials, including 18K gold and 22K gold and the vibrant colors and charms, including Italian horns, Tibetan prayer tassels and jewel encrusted elephant heads, are amazing for layering. It’s the personal combination, be it the Horoscope bracelet, Just Dainty collection, or 18K Gold plated multiple charm ring with moon and star, that is the key aspect of the Blee Inara concept.

Blee Inara sells its jewelry throughout the world, in stores and boutiques such as Kitson, Fred Segal and Wink, and found online at read more →

I met Jill Pollack in 1998 when she came on as my Producer for the online entertainment series, Starfreaky with the PSEUDO Online Television Network. She had just come from several years at the Sally Jessy Raphael show as a Producer and was at the top of her industry game. As an academic whiz with a Columbia University education, she loved to mix irreverent pop culture with smarty pants information to deliver a clever and cool product. We instantly hit it off and since then, she’s been involved in my life as a mentor, big sister and cherished friend.

Knowing Jill Pollack for all of my adult career has been a true blessing and I’ve grown forward as a result of it. I’ve watched her grow as well, as a Mother to her son, Sam and in her professional life as a Television Producer and now, a Celebrity Organizer and Host of her own HGTV show, CONSUMED. I’ll never forget when she rang me up from Hawaii, in the middle of the night, from the bushes with her production crew, where she was producing a reality show, to declare she was done with television producing. It was a pivotal, spiritual moment and one that transformed her life. Upon her arrival back to the mainland, Jill gracefully allowed her Type A skill set to set in. She’s been living her dream life, as an Organizational Expert ever since.

JZ: How did you go from producing television to organizing?

JP: I had gotten heavy into the REALITY game of TV and I felt that it wasn’t the best use of my abilities. I really wanted to help people as well as entertain them. I didn’t know what to do with my life after I quit TV producing cold turkey, so I started going through the drawers and cabinets of my house. I was living in Los Angeles with a dear friend from college at the time, an interior designer, and he wanted me out of his closets so he sent me to help one of his celebrity clients who had so much stuff in her dining room that he couldn’t get the new dining room chairs in there. He thought the task would be fun for me… and of course it was! I knew right then and there what I should be doing!

JZ: I remember that! And you were SO good at it. Is organizing a natural talent or learned skill?

JP: I think it can be both. I happen to be an intuitively organized person, but I think one can learn. At least I am hoping that is the case for calorie counting, something I am not intuitive at but always trying to learn.

JZ: With several years of crackerjack organizing now under your belt, what is your process once being brought on by a new client?

JP: I come in and let them show me around to describe what areas are a problem. Many times they don’t even see some of the areas that are issues as well. The kitchen, bedroom, office and bathroom are the most used rooms in the house and should be the best organized. Everyone thinks their garage or attic is the big problem when their refrigerator has three month old lettuce in it. THAT’S a more immediate problem. After I assess, I make a plan of attack. Each person’s needs, goals and budgets are different so I try to keep that in mind. The method to getting organized is pretty simple. Purge unwanted items, assess what you have left and make a system for use and storage of the items you have kept.

JZ: How does being organized benefit a person?

JP: I know that being organized is an important for the mental and physical health of a person. I know that when you know where your stuff is and what you have to do you can sleep at night and make time for the important things in life like family time and exercise.

JZ: What are some easy tips anyone can do to add color and organize their home / office / life?

JP: I have so many but here are some of my faves: make your bed everyday, put bin liners at the bottom of trash cans to take out the trash easier, hang hooks in your closet for pajamas and jeans/sweat pants that aren’t dirty but have been worn, make a command center for your keys, purse, wallet, cell phone charger, use uniform hangers in your closet so you can see all your clothes hanging at the same height. Easy and colorful life changers for sure!

JZ: What’s next for you?

JP: I am hosting a new HGTV show, CONSUMED, that premieres Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada beginning August 30. It is an extreme home experiment where I challenge overwhelmed families drowning in stuff to survive for 30 days with only the bare essentials. With their stuff gone, I give each family the chance to rebuild their lives from scratch, both physically and emotionally, by forcing them to confront the effect of clutter on their lives and their relationships. It’s extremely cathartic and I am incredibly excited with this next level of my career.

Jill Pollack can be found on her website at and also hosting the HGTV Canada show, CONSUMED, Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT starting August 30, 2011.

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With summer comes sun tanning at the beach, firecracker ice pops from the Ice Cream man and inevitably, humid days which bring extremely frizzy hair. Especially for a curly top like me. Even for the girls with the pin straight locks, it sticks to the forehead and neck, making a flirtatious interaction with your new summer crush, a horrifyingly sticky one. Enter Shu Uemura Art of Hair, Extreme Urushi. Translating to “laquer” in Japanese, this styler provides intense hold and high-gloss shine when applied to the hair for a perfect sexy, high summer ponytail. Like all Shu Uemura Art of Hair products, Extreme Urushi is formulated with unique natural ingredients: Japanese Cedar Extract, Maple Extracts and Japanese Cedar Sap renowned for its holding properties making your polished look here to stay! Extreme Urushi is part of the Shu Uemera Art of Hair line comprised of 15 styling products. The products are available at select luxury salons nationwide.

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