Have you ever been walking down the street or on the subway and you see someone who sparks your interest?  Wishing you had the courage to say something or a way to break the ice before the moment slips by and your chance is lost!  Well I am pretty sure a majority of you would say ‘Yes’ to this question, as I have had many of these occurrences myself.  There is definitely a love/hate relationship about dating in the city.  Sometimes it can be exciting to go on a first date, other times it can seem like a lot of work to meet new people, and then there is the unfortunate experience of a really bad blind date.

Luckily for us single ones, there is a hot new option over the typical online dating sites with painfully long profiles and hours of searching for a normal looking person who you hope put up a current picture of themselves.  It’s called Cheek’d and it’s a fun, unique twist on how to maneuver through the dating scene.  These little black cards with witty one-liners are a great way to get someone’s attention without all of the pressure.  In addition to the one liner each card has ‘find me at: www.cheekd.com’ and a unique code that allows access to view your profile.  Don’t worry the profile only gives a glimpse of who you are and does not take a long time to fill out.  There are about six questions, such as ’your most played iPod song’ and the responses cannot be longer than what fits on a business card.   Once the person you chose to give a card to checks out your profile they can send you a message and the communication begins.  Depending on the interaction you can decide if you want to take it a step further and meet in person. (Founder Lori Cheek pictured below)

Cheek’d brings the social aspect back into dating and moves it from your computer or the night bar scene to your everyday life.  When you are standing in line waiting for a coffee or walking your dog in the park don’t let another chance pass you by.   I have had a lot of fun feeling like at any moment I may notice someone I would like to give one of my cards to and I am excited to see who the first person will be!  My roommate loved the idea so much she decided to get Cheek’d cards of her own.  So don’t let yourself be the last to get in on the Cheek’d scene! read more →

Cool Cravings: A Naturally
Sweet Frozen Dessert Tasting

Date: Saturday, August 27th

Time: 2-8 p.m.

Location: 201 Mulberry Street

Clean Plates and Openhouse Gallery present Cool Cravings, a refreshingly tasty, healthy dessert festival at Openhouse Gallery.

Vendors include:

• Brewla Bars
• Cremeria
• Juice Press
• Raw Ice Cream Co.
• The Shaved Ice Shop
• SkyIce Sweet & Savory
• Soft Serve Fruit Co.
• Stogo
• NibMor
• Hint
• Vita Coco

For more details, visit http://www.giltcity.com/newyork/openhousedesserts
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After surviving the cold winter months that always seem to linger on way too long, I cannot get enough of the heat.  Some people may think I’m crazy, but this is when my love affair with New York blossoms again.  A majority of people escape the city, especially on the weekends, leaving the diehard New Yorkers to play with less crowds and chaos.  I love the unusually calm energy the city has and enjoy being outside as much as possible.  As I am sunbathing in the park, doing yoga, strolling through the city streets, or Sunday brunching, I always try to remember to stay properly hydrated.  I am usually carrying a bottle of water in my bag, reusing a GT’s kombucha bottle.  I like using it over the other stainless steel water bottles because there is something about drinking out of glass that make everything taste better plus the cap seals really well! (more…) read more →

If you are looking for a new workout routine this summer that is fun but makes you sweat Cuerpaso is definitely worth checking out!  I recently tried the Cuerpaso DVD called Gift of Health, developed by the charismatic, high energy trainer Tadeo and I have felt the burn for myself.  You don’t just have to take my word for how amazing this workout is, he has experience working with many professional athletes, it was noted as one of the Top Celebrity Workouts of 2010 by the TV Guide Channel, and was chosen as one of the Top Cardio Classes by Time Out New York.

Curepaso is a boot camp style workout that brings in a Latin American vibe.  It focuses on complete, holistic health and you can easily see that Tadeo is passionate about improving health through exercise and eating healthy.  His fifty minute bootcamp workout program comes with a Cuerpaso soccer ball, twenty minute kids workout, meal plan and shopping list.  Promoting that health and fitness is for everyone he creates a “judgment free area” expressing that the moves do not have to be done perfectly.

Incorporating soccer training exercises, such as high knees and quick foot work, he follows the concept of interval training, switching between high intensity drills and low intensity movements to elevate and lower your heart rate.  This is a way of shocking the body to trim fat and build lean muscle.  Luckily as you are feeling the burn Tadeo motivates you with encouraging words to keep you going.  He is confident that you will like the results if you make the investment in yourself, and I agree!

If you are interested in learning more about Cuerpaso and Trainer Tadeo check out the website https://www.cuerpaso.com/. read more →

Figuring out what is healthy, tastes good, keeps you feeling energized and helps you achieve or maintain your ideal weight seems like an impossible thing to accomplish!  Doing it alone, “YES”, that can be difficult, but if you utilize all of the amazing resources available today it can be done, believe me.  The one crucial thing is to be patient and kind to yourself throughout the process.  There is unfortunately no ‘one size fits all’ solution so allow yourself to make mistakes along the way, as well as realizing that something that seemed like a ‘miracle worker’ for one person may not work for you.  Everyone’s body is different and the hardest part of learning how to eat is being able to listen to your body and notice how foods make you feel, either good or bad. (more…) read more →