26 Jan 2012
January 26, 2012

Be A Miracle Worker With Your Money

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I do not claim to be a financial expert, but what I do know is that I am a miracle worker. As a professional miracle worker, I have a stubborn, unshakeable belief in Love and miracles. Everything I approach in my life is subjected to this one belief system, “only Love is real.”

When I left my secure, stable job I had just manifested a month before because of a MASSIVE internal call from Love to heal my issues around money and pursue my dreams, I was in for a ride.

What I learned about miracles and money during the next two months is the foundation for the messages I share with you today.

I learned about money not through a class I took in college, or a Suze Orman book (thought I think she is FAB.) I was guided to take a class with Love itself. Love would be my teacher and give the topic of money in my life a new meaning.

The Love I speak of is not the love you see in the, “Twilight” movies. I am speaking of an eternal, everlasting, and limitless force that lives within and all around us.  (Love here is synonymous with God, Spirit, or Universe, whatever word resonates with you.) Love is a power greater than us but of us.

Love would guide me each day to shift my thoughts about money. As my thoughts shifted my misperceptions began to heal.

3 Common Misperceptions around Money


1.If we don’t have it, we are in lack.

It’s so easy for our fear to convince us that we need money to feel good and complete. We easily forget that abundance is our natural state and that there is no lack in Love.  We quickly bust out phrases such as, “I am so broke.” And don’t realize that we are never broke if we are in Love.

Our belief in money being the only portal of abundance keeps us stuck from tapping into other portals, such as creativity, passion, friends, family and internet buddies.

I was inspired by this internet buddy, who posted on her blog that in the spirit of abundance she was accepting donations to help her pay her bills. What a BRAVE and creative idea! I was moved and sent her money through Paypal to help her out.

When you believe only Love is real, you will never lack for anything again.

2.It’s hard to make money.


This one was a biggie for me. I repeated constantly my childhood misperceptions of money being difficult to attain. I continuously told myself that I couldn’t help how I felt because this is how I was raised. My fear loved the pity party, but Love like always had a better way.

I was shown how my thought, informed my energy, which then told my external experience that money had to be difficult for me because that is what I believed.

Love was diligent in transforming this misperception and sent me help in the form of songs.

Listen to these two songs by Karen Drucker. The first is entitled, “Money is coming,” and the other was “Money is like a bunny.” I listened to these songs while I worked out, before I slept and during meditation.

I began to feel more relaxed and at ease around my money. My fears would subside and Love would come rushing in to remind me that everything I needed and wanted was already present in my life.

2.Money is “special”.

From A Course in Miracles perspective, “special” is anyone you have deemed as better than yourself, or you have made them your source of happiness.

Even though money is not a person, through my work with Love and the Course I was guided to recognize that I had a “special relationship” with money. I perceived money as my source of happiness. Since my fear made my source of happiness outside of myself I would always be looking for happiness in the wrong place.

The Course teaches, “all special relationships have elements of fear in them.” As Love began transforming my fears, I was able to let go of my money. My money no longer completed me. I was complete because I was in Love.

The job of a professional miracle worker is always to recognize and release their fear completely, and then have the littlest willingness to let Love lead the way.

This article was written by guest contributor Clarisa Mompremier. Clarisa Mompremier is a Life Coach and a writer who is dedicated to help others design a life full of love, fun and Milagros aka miracles. She graduated with a Master’s in Social Work and is a teacher and student of, “A Course in Miracles.”  Some of her writing has been featured on, CrazySexLife, and social networking sites such as, Herfuture.com. You can check her out at http://www.innerambiance.com.

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This article was written by one of our awesome guest contributors. We love having new and inspiring voices on our site to help our readers Let Go and Live Big so we hope you enjoyed this guest post!

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  1. loved this article so helpful because its so true money can really shake us up. this brings tons of clarity around this conversation for me! thank u

  2. Thansk you a great atricle, very true when you own your own business you can get easly distracted by money, what you have and dont have to maintain instead of staying focused on the goal of happiness and success.


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