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5 Essential Ingredients for Raising our Standards

Your quality of life is a reflection of your standards. You may be making millions, but your mind may still feel poor. This poverty has nothing to do with the lack of money. Poverty is a state of mind and a conscious choice to live by low living standards. When people talk about a low standard, I don’t mean all the luxuries and pleasures that rich people can afford, because a person can raise the standards regardless of their income level. It’s not a matter of money, but of a worldview. Each of us has our own values. In one…

Rose Water Recipe for Daily Use

Rosewater slows down aging, cleanses superficial wounds and helps healing. In its subtle and intoxicating essence, rosewater contains the most ancient and exciting secrets of health and beauty. In India, as in Arab countries, it has long been used as a skin rejuvenation agent. Rose water has also been used for religious purposes and even for food. Its benefits are truly endless. The main benefits of rose water Digestion: Adding rose petals to dishes helps cleanse the intestines as well as relieve constipation problems. For example, we can add it to salads or make delicious rose tea. Astringent properties: Application…

How to Be Ready for Pregnancy?

If you begin to notice more and more pregnant women around and think about pregnancy, then it’s time to plan it. We are talking about 10 components of successful preparation for pregnancy. There are many different blogs like Divalysscious moms where there described many aspects of how to become pregnant. Lyss Stern has a successful blog with top news. Does your husband agree? Desirability is a very important factor in a successful pregnancy. Moreover, both parents should have a desire to have a child. After all, an unhealthy psychological environment in the family often prevents the onset of the long-awaited…

Common Tools for Calm When You’re Feeling Insane

Common Tools for Calm When You're Feeling Insane

First of all, you need to honestly admit that you do not know how to control yourself

Try to remember all the situations in which anger has taken hold of you. Analyze what was the reason – someone’s joke or an ordinary argument, try to objectively assess the situation. This will help you understand that you are overreacting to everything. Plus, you will find that you never really tried to control your anger by always saying the first thing that comes to mind.

Once you’ve identified the problem, you need to fix it

Try not to get angry immediately, train yourself to pause before the the emotional release. During this respite, try to comprehend the situation, you will most likely come up with the idea that intemperance will not bring relief, but, on the contrary, will lead to new troubles.

In case you feel that you are about to “explode”, tell yourself to relax

Repeat the command until you control yourself. This will help calm the subconscious mind, and then the mind.

It is very important to use the right images while controlling your anger

Usually, the reasons for dissatisfaction lie in external circumstances and expectations. You feel insane the moment your hopes are broken. At this time, all that is required is to close your eyes and imagine a clean white sheet. This will calm your nerves and neutralize negative emotions. At the first sign of anger, take a deep breath, it will help change the images in your head and calm down faster.

A very effective way is to transform negative emotions into humor

Try to imagine the annoying people in a funny situation.

Assess the situation

When someone makes you feel insane, just walk away, take a walk, or have a glass of water, and after calming down, politely explain your point of view. If your opponent is not ready to understand you, do not try to prove your opinion in any way. The main thing is that you know that you are right, so there is no point in worrying about trifles.

Remember, sometimes you have to give in

People often do not think that by stubbornly insisting on their own, they behave like capricious children. Avoid this, try to listen to your opponent’s point of view, respect his opinion, self-critical of your own view of the problem. Reasonable concessions will lead to great results, as they cause the respect of others.

Remember that you cannot be perfect in everything

First of all, try to do your job as quality as possible, that is, what you have talent for. Sometimes, it is enough to get success in one or two areas to achieve a sense of satisfaction.

It is very useful to learn how to distract yourself from your problems for a while

No matter how serious your worries are, periodically get rid of them. Try not to infect people around you with your bad mood. Be reasonable and tactful, do not turn every nuisance into a global problem.

Try not to be alone with your problems

The conversation with a benevolent and judicious person can bring relief. Often the advice of your interlocutor is not so much needed as his sympathy and sincere interest.

Most importantly, don’t be overly demanding

Most often, the one who expects too much from others is irritated, since people do not always meet his expectations. However, remember that constant criticism will not make them what you want them to be. Try to see dignity in people, relying on these qualities when communicating. Following these tips, working on yourself, at one point you will be surprised to find that the world suits you.

6 Ways To Heal Feelings of Disconnection

Someone likes feeling disconnected, and he/she draws inspiration from this state, but for someone it becomes a frightening test that can even cause mental disease. We will tell you why this happens and what to do if you feel disconnected. Am I feel disconnected, it should be scary? The feeling of disconnection is experienced by a person in different ways. It is easy to cope with it if you know why it arises. The feeling of disconnection can be temporary (situational), for example, related to a divorce of parents, a change of school or a move to study in another…

5 Ways to Become a More Positive Person

5 Ways to Become a More Positive PersonNegativity affects ourselves and those around us. It limits our potential to become someone truly important and live a full, colorful life. Negativity has a profound effect on our health. Studies have shown that people who cultivate negativity experience more stress, are more likely to get sick, and are unable to see positive opportunities compared to those who choose to live in a positive way.

When we make the decision to be a positive person, to feel joyful, we attract the same people into our lives. All the negative is overlapped by those positive events that begin to happen around. It is like a snow ball. Negative and positive thoughts will always exist, the difference is in what we fill ourselves with. Here are some ways to get rid of negativity and become a more positive person.

If life gives you a lemon, make lemonade

Look for that good. Got fired? This means that there is a new, even more interesting one ahead with new acquaintances and a new creative path. Delayed the train? This is a reason to finally read your favorite book, or buy gifts for your closest people. Did your daughter wear a leather jacket, tractor-soled boots and dyed her hair green? Rejoice that the instinct of greyness is alien to your child – this is undoubtedly a reason to get closer to each other and teach the child a sense of proportion.

People with negative emotions and thinking are best avoided

As a rule, they become the source of our bad mood. Constant complaints from colleagues about the hard life, “friends” gossiping about each other, relatives who come to visit only to gloat over our situation or, on the contrary, to borrow money – all these are factors that can simply be avoided. Friendship should only bring positive emotions. Keep in mind that we also should forget how to complain.

A rolling stone gathers no moss

Most people, when face difficulties and problems, try to simply forget about them. As a last resort, open your soul to your friends and, again, forget about it. But problems cannot be solved by themselves.

Tired of the mess in your house? Give yourself at least ten minutes a day to clean up. But every day. Is the lion’s share of the mess made by children? Come up with a game with the kids where prizes from mom and dad are awarded for cleanliness and order in the house once a week.

Is money flowing away? Plan your spending ahead of time by making shopping lists. And never take more money to the store than is required according to the list – this will protect you from spontaneous purchases of things that you can do without.

Help other people around

Negativity tends to go hand in hand with selfishness. People who live only for themselves have no higher purpose in their lives. If the meaning in life is to satisfy your needs and take care of yourself, the road to lasting happiness and satisfaction will be long and lonely.

Positiveness and joy accompany the road to the goal. The main way to build meaning and positivity in your life is to start doing things for others. Start small, hold the door for another person, ask how your day went before telling how yours went. Helping others will give you a sense of true value that will transform into positive.

Change the way you think

We can become for ourselves either supporters or enemies. Change comes from your inner world. If you want to be more positive, change the words you say to yourself. The next time you have a negative dialogue, write it down and rephrase it in a positive way. For instance. “I can’t believe I did the exam so badly” to “I didn’t do it as well as I hoped. I know I can do better, and next time I will succeed! “Changing internal dialogue is a powerful tool.

How to Be Naturally Beautiful?

Natural beauty isn’t just about makeup. You can be just as beautiful without makeup. You just need to take care of yourself both externally and internally. Recently, many celebrities appear in public without makeup, and this does not interfere with their beauty at all. Do you also want to learn how to be beautiful naturally? Many of us believe that in order to look good, you need to put on tons of makeup every day, but this is absolutely not true. In today’s article, we will give you some tips on how to highlight your natural beauty. How to be…