Ever notice how much easier it is to love someone then it is to trust them?

We can easily find ourselves falling head over heels for men (or women) without knowing all that much about them, including how trustworthy they are.

To trust another human is to error. Because we are imperfect beings, trust will almost always be broken and even if it is not, because of our own expectations and perspectives we are apt to feel like it is in certain situations. Deciding to trust someone is a different mentality then deciding if someone is trustworthy. Meaning is He worthy of your trust? (more…) read more →

If you are putting love on hold and rationalizing that it’s because “you want to focus on your career,” your mind may actually be playing tricks on you. And it might be doing that because of a decision you made a long, long time ago… which you aren’t even consciously aware of.

This is something that I can totally relate to. In my case, it comes down to a belief that I can’t be both a mother and an entrepreneur. Did I come to this conclusion consciously? No. Five-year-old me did, subconsciously. It started with a babysitter I absolutely hated. My mom was a pharmacist and worked the first 6 years of my life.

One day, my babysitter, Ruth, was watching me. I had a ballet class I needed to go to that day. I knew it was time to go to ballet, and so I asked Ruth to find my ballet slippers for me. She immediately answered, “You know where you took them off last, and you are going to have to find them.” I instantly hated her in that moment. I was asking for help and she wouldn’t help me, and we were getting late for ballet. I remember just crying and being like, “Why won’t you help me!?” Then finally, while crying, I found the slippers. That moment scarred me for life. (more…) read more →

According to ancient knowledge from India, the source of our energy as women is Shakti.  Shakti is the feminine principle of divine energy that creates and makes manifest everything in our world.  She is a dynamic energy, ever changing, flowing creating and re-creating.

The feminine life force energy, Shakti, sits within us in our lower belly at our sexual center. As we begin to awaken to this energy within our bodies, we awaken to our essence, or the natural flow of feminine energy. The natural flow of our energy is flexible!

The first secret in awakening to love for our bodies, sensuality and beautiful femininity is awakening to our inherent nature to adapt, constantly change, dance and invite in flexibility into our lives. (more…) read more →

The circumstances that have shaped each of our lives are as unique and individual as our personalities — no two people’s are the same. Yet our ability to grow as individuals, to evolve into more compassionate, loving, and conscious people, depends not on what has happened to us but on our attitude toward these situations. When faced with hardship, do we lie down or step up? Do we resist, or embrace the situation for growth?

Ultimately there are two attitudes we can take in life: the attitude of a victim and that of a creator. (more…) read more →

Ever have nasty thoughts about someone else? Be it your boss, boyfriend, best friend or that b*tch that you work with, flirted with your man, stole your look, talked crap about you… (you see where I’m going with this.) No doubt people in this lifetime will piss you off, hurt you and if you let them, drag you down. Its happened in the past and, it will, because such is life, happen again.

What many of us on a more conscious path have come to realize is that life is not happening to us, yet rather we are creating the life before us. We recognize that in every moment we have the opportunity to perceive with either love or fear. And that we, not other people (not even that b*tch), are responsible for our own thoughts and feelings. This is all helpful information and very easy to remember in the times when our life is going quite smoothly. However it is quickly and quite easily forgotten in the situations where our buttons are pushed and someone behaves in a way that we would otherwise consider inappropriate to say the least. (more…) read more →