As an entrepreneur, when I’m not with clients, I have a lot of “me” time. Part of keeping myself excellent company is self-care. And making myself look nice is an important aspect of that. If I sat around in my pj’s all day, I’d be tired and sluggish and never get anything done. One of my mantras is “get dressed, you’ll feel better!” So on days when I don’t have client appointments or meetings, I make sure to do it up in outfits that are comfortable for at-home but that don’t require a quick change when someone comes to the door. These are also my key looks for when I come home from a day of styling clients and it’s time to cook dinner or chase my dog around.

Below are some tips on constructing a good lounge outfit:

Skip the Sweats

I always tell my clients that wearing sweatpants is the visual equivalent of saying, “I give up.” In this era of high-tech, washable fabrics, there are so many options for unfussy, comfortable bottoms with stretch that look nice to boot! I like these from James Perse because they maintain their elasticity even after numerous trips to the laundry.

Find Your Feminine

With tops too, soft and comfy fabrics that are machine washable is key. What I love about this tank is that even though it’s silk, you can still throw it in the washer. I feel very relaxed and “me” when I wear feminine pieces like this. Same goes for this cascading zip vest

Coverups Aren’t Just for the Beach!

I am forever turning to coverups for everyday wear in warm weather. They’re generally less expensive than traditional dresses, and they tend to be durable because they’re meant to withstand the sea, salt, chlorine, and other elements encountered at the beach or poolside. I like the kicky gold tassle on this feather print bandeau coverup from Topshop.

Sole Decision

I find it helps me feel grounded to have something on my feet when I’m working in my office. Not to mention, the extra inch or so helps get me to the right height for my desk and chair. At 5’ 1”, I’ll take all the help I can get! I typically wear ballet flats or my platinum Sperry Top-Siders. On the topic of shiny things, I’m pretty juiced up about these Slipper-Shoes from Newbark which come in not 2, not 3, but 4 different metallic colorways. The pink takes me back to the late 80’s and early 90’s when, I’m not gonna lie, my go-to look was a side ponytail, a stone-washed Guess jean jacket (with giant Guess logo on back) and frosted Lip Smackers lip gloss. I wish I could hop in the DeLorean and go back to add these shoes to the mix. For those of you not looking to channel your inner Cyndi Lauper, they come in a more modest array of colors.

One of the nicest things about being comfortable in what you’re wearing is that it clears space so you can relax and be present for whatever it is you’re doing. I also know firsthand for both my clients and myself how great you feel when you look good. It’s definitely worth the effort!

** This article was written by guest contributor Julie Rath. A graduate of Princeton University and former Casting Director, Julie Rath has been featured on CBS’s The Early Show and is regarded as an expert in the field of image and style. She has a Certificate in Image Consulting from the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she also studied Fashion Styling. Julie is certified in Image Consulting from The Image Resource Center of New York and is an active Member of the Association of Image Consultants International. Through her career in TV casting, Julie developed a discerning eye for what makes people visually appealing. After many years of doing this work, she felt compelled to share her insider’s perspective with everyone – not just actors. She does everything from small tweaks, like a new hairstyle or eyeglasses, to comprehensive updates, including a closet tune-up and personal shopping. Her ultimate goal is to help her clients present the most confident and authentic selves they possibly can. To Contact Julie, visit her on the web –

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  1. such a cute article!!! thanks for the tips :)

  2. Sure thing Trish! Glad you enjoyed them.

  3. love this Julie! thanks for the great points!


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