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Feeling Overwhelmed? Best Ways to Set Your Soul Free

Large loads, a huge amount of information, overestimated requirements – we face all this every day. This article explains how to set your soul free after a day at work.

The insane speed of everyday life is extremely overwhelming for our brains. Our own thoughts can also have a negative impact, and sometimes it is not easy to get rid of them. This state of affairs ultimately leads to an accumulation of feelings of anxiety and guilt, or a feeling of one’s own worthlessness, and can end up extremely unpleasant. Psychologists call a large volume of thoughts and tasks “mental intoxication caused by an excess of information and negative thoughts”, by analogy with physical intoxication, which can be caused by the abuse of drugs or poor-quality products that enter the body…

Constant fatigue prevents the brain from perceiving not only unnecessary but also important information, it simply stops working in a normal rhythm. In fact, your brain needs a real rest to get rid of unnecessary thoughts accumulated over a week and the feeling of stress.

How to Set Your Soul Free

Write letters!

“Write letters in any unclear situation.” In the end, it doesn’t matter at all who it will be addressed to because the key to success is to throw out all the negativity that has gathered in your head in a week on paper. In addition, the presentation of problems in writing is an exercise that world psychologists have been practicing for many years. For example, writing is actively used in personal growth and development techniques. This is a great way to come to terms with the past, build the present and prepare for the future. You will be surprised, but in this way, you can get rid of unnecessary thoughts in just a few minutes. Prepare a sheet of paper and start describing everything that has worried you for a whole week, without thinking about the meaning of what has been written and without trying to evaluate it. Forget about style and literature, do not concentrate on your task. Don’t interfere with the flow of words onto the paper.

When you fill out the page, move the letter away from you and close your eyes, normalize your breathing. Then open your eyes and, without re-reading what you have written, throw the sheet into the trash can to rid yourself of unnecessary bad sensations, and you will feel how you set your soul free.


If stress keeps you from relaxing even on weekends, this is a great reason to try meditation. Meditation not only helps to abstract from problems and clear your head from thoughts but also to put a kind of block on subsequent stressful situations that cannot be avoided on weekdays. It just becomes easier for you to endure the influence of stress factors, and those things that once put you into strong excitement, created tension will become mere trifles for you. Small troubles will cease to seem a universal catastrophe. By the way, even the first meditation session has an effect on the nervous system: you experience a strong relaxation and forget about problems, the main thing is to concentrate and not let thoughts about what happened to you today.

Cold and hot shower

Have you ever wondered what could be attractive about quenching with ice water? The answer is simple: endorphins. We call endorphins the hormones of happiness, but in fact, this is not their main function. They contribute to pain relief – the body begins to release them in an extreme situation. A similar mechanism is triggered by cooling the body since it is also stressful for the body. A contrast shower is a much softer and more accessible means of hardening the body than jumping into an ice hole in winter. Each of us can do it. This procedure not only relieves stress and improves mood but also protects against colds and venous diseases. By the way, not only a contrast shower but also any water procedures can help relieve stress, for example, a warm bath or swimming in the pool.


You can listen to any music that gives you moral pleasure. The positive emotions that we get from listening to our favorite tracks are directly related to relieving stress and freeing the brain from unnecessary thoughts. Favorite musical sounds cause a feeling of happiness and euphoria. Even sad and gloomy music can cheer you up, provided that you like it, no matter how paradoxical it sounds. By the way, silence can also be called music. If you are tired of the many sounds, remain in silence for a while and the tension will recede.


We are not talking about walks in the literary forest, which Umberto Eco offers to his readers. The fact is that leisurely walking is a great way to clear your mind of parasitic thoughts. Walking is beneficial to health and you are able to observe what is happening around us. Monotonous eye movements allow you to synchronize the work of the right and left hemispheres of the brain, thereby removing the nerve clamps that form as a result of emotional shock, negative thoughts, obsessions. As a result, the nervous system is working better – this discovery belongs to American psychologists. Set aside 20 minutes and go to the promenade, at least in the yard of your house. Walk calmly, breathe calmly. Look at familiar things as if you are seeing them for the first time. After a while, you will feel unnecessary thoughts leave your head.