Spring may have sprung, but you’re still feeling the weight of winter on your heart (and your ass).

The best way to perk up you mood and flatten your belly is to ditch the diet and start upgrading your life.
So if you’re feeling low, here are 4 simple steps to getting out of your funk.
* Clean your apt.  When you de-clutter your bedroom you clear space for relaxation.  When you let go of useless stuff that you don’t need (like those old towels or 3 sizes too small jeans) you let go of weight.
* Go for a walk, not a run.  If you try to go from couch potato to marathon runner in 1 day, you’ll never get out of your pj’s.  Start slow.
* Wear lipstick.  All day. Even if you don’t leave the house
* Take yourself out to lunch.  Get something fabulous. No boring salads allowed.
* Ditch your body embarrassment in 24 hours with the Breathtaking Bride Instant Makeover.
You’ll be strutting around with confidence and pep in no time.

Sarah Jenks is a featured Healthy Living contributor and founder of the Breathtaking Bride: Nutrition Coaching for brides-to-be, and is a pioneer in the bridal nutrition industry.For more about her click here for her full bio and all of her articles!

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6 Responses to Feeling The Weight Of Winter On Your Ass?
  1. Thanks! Excellent article! I am glad I clicked to read it!

  2. I am so glad that you enjoyed the article! If you liked that article you will love my tips on how to craft a sexy, wild and restorative weekend: http://thebreathtakingbride.com/bb-blog/weekendguide

  3. Ah, I really love simple steps to follow :) Will be trying this on for the week. Thanks Sarah!


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