As someone who loves food, enthusiastically and wholly, I tend to try whatever is in front me. From raw greens to a very solid Reclette, my culinary curiosity is no holds barred. That passion for food can unexpectedly sneak up on me in the form of a few extra pounds. So, rather than curb my appetite and leave food “forever on my hips”, I chose to beautify from the inside with super fruit-infused gummies that are potent as they are delicious. Genesis Today, one of the country’s fastest growing super food juice brands, has now launched a new line of super fruit gummy vitamins which match your beautiful outside to your now beautiful inside.

Founded by Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Nutritionist Dr. Lindsay Duncan, the mission of Genesis Today is to change people’s lives through making better health accessible and affordable.

The Acai Energy, Super fruit Omega 3 and Super fruit Immunity Gummy Vitamins include the powerful benefits of acai, goji and pomegranate fruit to help your skin, hair, teeth and eyes shine like the top of the Chrysler building promoting super fruit nutrition along with super fruity taste. And the incredibly colorful packaging makes the daily dose especially appealing. Bring on the next course!

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4 Responses to Chew On This: Genesis Today Vitamins
  1. These chews contain corn syrup which tricks your body into not recognizing it is full, causing you to overeat. It also contains sugar. something we certainly dont need anymore of. Also, the multivitamin does not even contain calcium or magnesium or many of the other essential micronutrients. I have a book coming it our in January 2012 called NAKED CALORIES which has a ton more great information. IN fact, it has a sure fire method of finding the best supplements.

  2. Great Mira – we look forward to hearing more about your book. Everyone is different and these supplements have worked for many so we were happy to share them with our readers so they can choose what works best for them. Have a great day!



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