Ever notice how much easier it is to love someone then it is to trust them?

We can easily find ourselves falling head over heels for men (or women) without knowing all that much about them, including how trustworthy they are.

To trust another human is to error. Because we are imperfect beings, trust will almost always be broken and even if it is not, because of our own expectations and perspectives we are apt to feel like it is in certain situations. Deciding to trust someone is a different mentality then deciding if someone is trustworthy. Meaning is He worthy of your trust?

Countless women, myself included have trusted a man without knowing much about him at all, and definitely without knowing whether or not he was trustworthy. Then when that trust is betrayed we become very upset. Speaking our “How dare He” ‘s and “Can you believe it”’s; we find absolute blame in an imperfect person, as we all are, and the end results are hurt and pain.

Lucky for us there is a way to tell if a man is trustworthy and it is actually quite simple. It only involves that you listen to and observe what he says and what he does. If a man’s words and actions align consistently then it is safe to say that he is trustworthy. If he frequently says one thing and does another, then you can assume that this man is not trustworthy. I know we like to complicate life, especially our relationships, and make them more complex then they need to be. Yet if you are wanting to spare yourself some heartache and headaches, pay attention.

Does he do what he says he is going to do? There is really no easier way to decipher a person’s trustworthiness. This can be applied across the board to all his actions. Notice, does he call or text when he says he will? Is he consistent with keeping his plans with you and others?

So often we have red flags, bright and big on a windy day, waving right in front of our eyes, yet we, yes you and me, choose to ignore these important signs. At this point we must take responsibility for ourselves and recognize that if the signs are there, and we choose to ignore or make excuses for them, then indeed we are making a choice. And if we make a choice then we cannot blame another person when they reveal more and more of who they are and what they have been showing us, in bits and pieces, along the way.

If you are ready and feel it is time to step into a Life You Love & Find Love that Lasts then take this very basic but powerful tactic into all your relationships.  It is essential that every woman keep a piece of her heart for herself. We wonder why so quickly we give all our love and trust to men that simply are not worthy of it.

It can be much easier to walk away in the beginning of anything, and if you find him not to be trustworthy I suggest you do so, and walk fast.

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This article was written by life coach Kelsea Brennan. She's the woman that can get you to really shift your thoughts as long as you are ready to get to work. In her articles Kelsea aims to make living a life filled with happiness a completely attainable goal and she's excited to see all of you Bella Beauties filled with pure joy. Have a question for Kelsea? She would love to hear from you and get to know you better in the comments below! To learn more about Kelsea Brennan or to connect with her further, visit her Bella Life profile here.

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