I’m a firm believer that if you want to create deep lasting results you’ve got to work at developing the right habits.  Any woman in her 20s or 30s knows how hard it is first, to discover who you really are and second, to stay true to that beautiful woman every single day.  Unfortunately, hard work and developing new habits are not usually at the top of our “things I’m really excited to do” lists.  Enter Lynn Zavaro.

Lynn is a writer, artist and a teacher who has emerged as a defining voice in the art of guiding others to know themselves and create the life they want through the lens of spiritual psychology.  She developed a series of interactive and experiential books and games to support others in having fun while artfully discovering themselves on their creative life paths.

Interested in knowing the truth about who you are, what you want and how to get there?  No problem.  A book and card set titled The Game of You is Lynn’s most recent innovation in making these discoveries and most importantly enjoying the process! It’s all about you, baby.  But don’t take my word for it.  One of my favorite authors ever, Don Miguel Ruiz (The Four Agreements) is a fan, too.

“Whoever reads works with Lynn and practices her tools will see how good it will be for them if they take the chance to discover who they really are. …Focus your attention on what you are feeling in the moment as you learn from Lynn. Heal your own relationship with yourself as you enjoy playing the most important game of all: YOU!”

How it works: Pick a card, flip to the corresponding chapter in the book, read its input, and use The Tool. Learn how to resolve day-to-day issues, develop a stronger inner-relationship to have healthier outer relationships, come to better understand your life’s path and create the life you’ve always wanted. Enter a magical, powerful, and FUN experience of self-discovery and transformation!

To learn more about The Game of You click here now.

** This article was written by guest contributor Elizabeth Dialto, for her bio and contact information please visit http://yourbellalife.com/guest-contributors/

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4 Responses to Lynn Zavaro & The Game Of YOU!
  1. I use the Game regularly and it’s not only immensely helpful and insightful every time, it’s also FUN. So count me in, along with Miguel Ruiz, as one of Lynn’s biggest fans!

  2. What a great concept! It does sound way fun. I will totally be ordering this. :)


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