Only in Manhattan, will you find an ice-cream delivery service where two young women, Diana Hardeman and Michelle Truong, ride their bikes in the rain, snow, or freezing weather to ensure your precious pint arrives on time. Slightly obsessed and in love with all things cold and creamy, Diana and Michelle first bought a small ice cream maker in the summer of 2009.  Before they knew it, their friends were asking them to cater parties with their delicious ‘scream. Soon, word spread and they were featured on Grub Street. Instantly, their following grew and they were forced to expand their business to satisfy their demand.  Recently, I met with founder, Diana, and sampled their February creations and the variety of flavors churned around my mouth.  And, with each bite, I experienced a rich and fresh taste that didn’t leave me feeling heavy or bloated. My only problem was that it made me want more!

MilkMade believes in only using the freshest ingredients for their ‘scream and have teamed up with local farmers and distributors to ensure fantastic quality that you can taste.  Their milk and cream are sourced from a small farm in upstate New York, and they buy all of their fruit seasonally from New York City’s greenmarkets.

Every month they give MilkMade members a choice from a menu of two uniquely handcrafted flavors to be delivered right to their home, or a pick-up option is also available.  Some past flavors include Peanut Butter & Brown Sugar, Red Velvet Cake, Salted Caramel, and Black Currant with Ginger Snaps to name a few.  For the month of March, the two quality flavors are Full Stack and Pear-Ginger so get your spoons ready and visit to sign-up for your membership today!

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10 Responses to MilkMade You Will 'Scream For!
  1. Um…YUM!!! Thank you for sharing this…the fact they have Red Velvet Cake alone make this worth the read! xo

  2. Do they deliver to San Fran?? This looks so cool – good find!

  3. This is SO cool, I am totally visiting the website!!!

  4. amazing concept! and not such a big diet blunder either…

  5. Is it wrong to want to eat it all??


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