“We begin as friends and then develop a shared realization, conscious or unconscious, that we are bearers of magic and that our circles of support are circles of mystical power. It’s a woman’s prerogative to know of magic, and to practice magic, and to use her knowledge to help the world.” – Marianne Williamson

I read an article recently about how a group of ten best friends would gather and partake in a circling ritual when one of the women was going through a milestone in her life. They gather around in a circle and it is a great way for them to show emotional generosity and support for each other. It is a way for them to honor the meaningful occasion in that woman’s life and let her know they will be there for her throughout the shifts.

This got me thinking about different ways us women can nurture our friend groups. I personally am always up for rituals and sentimental gatherings but it doesn’t always have to be so woo woo. It can be as simple as wine nights, or cooking dinner for each other. All it takes is the effort to get together and it will show each that you are there for each other. It can be fun, emotional, sentimental, or all of the above. As long as you are taking the time to honor these women’s roles in your lives, you are creating a powerful bond.When women come together, magic unfolds. And when magic unfolds, the whole world is lit up.

How to nurture your inner circle

1) Gather friends during times of happiness, or sadness. Celebrate or commemorate big milestones in each other’s lives with a ritual that is meaningful to your group.

2) Start an email chain with your circle. Share a story that will make them laugh such as when you fell down the stairs on your first date. Or send a quote that will remind everyone of how special it is that they have each other. Stay connected.

3) Commit to taking a vacation or small trip once a year. If you want, have a different woman plan the trip each year and surprise the others. That way one year each woman gets the pleasure of giving and the other years she gets to sit back and enjoy.

4) Don’t have a circle? No worries, you can find one! Join a woman’s group, a spiritual group, a sports team, a cooking class. If women are coming together in a shared interest, magic is bound to unfold. Some resources:






How do you nurture your circle of friends?

About the Author

This article was written by Alison Leipzig, our very own Body Confidence Guru! Alison is dedicated to making our relationship with our bodies loving, safe and freakin' fun and she infuses her confidence philosophies in to everything she creates. Having been through her own struggles with her body and loving and accepting herself, Alison has a compassionate and unique perspective that can allow you to access divine clarity. She also loves to guide our Bella Beauties on their Body Confidence journeys so leave a comment below and she will walk you through your questions and concerns step by step. To learn more about Alison Leipzig or to connect with her further, visit her Bella Life profile here.

6 Responses to Nurture Your Inner Circle
  1. My inner circle is so important to me, especially now that I’ve moved away from the majority of them! We all make time in our crazy busy yet amazing lives to have an email chain between the 7 of us and take yearly vacations together! We have already gone through so much together as most of us have known eachother all of our live-they are my soul mates!

  2. Thanks for this beautiful reminder. So important. I used to take friends for granted, and now at this point in my life their presence is so sacred….like breathing.

  3. Thank you for this reminder to nurture and be grateful for our friends. Showing gratitude and taking time to nourish what we already have equals more love!


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