Tis the season to be traveling, but packing can be stressful. Plan ahead and arm yourself with products that will ensure you’re a smart and savvy jet-setter.

First, don’t run around looking for sample or travel-size versions of your favorite toiletries and beauty products. 3Floz.com has done the leg work and curated an assortment of TSA-approved goodies on it’s easy-to-navigate website. While you’re there, take a look at my Spa-in-the-Air Kit!

Next, you have your beauty and wellness products, but you still need to pack perfume. Don’t fuss with funnels and risk the chance of spilling your favorite scent. With Travalo’s revolutionary atomizer you’re just a pump away from an easy, mess-free perfume to-go. This product rocks my world so much that I’ve gifted it to all of my girlfriends.

Now, as for the clothing, if you want to keep it really simple, pick up Chick on the Go. It’s a wardrobe in a bag with 5 items of black and white clothing and 2 sashes, which can be combined to create a minimum of 25 looks. I’ve tested it – it’s true! If you’re not into the whole black and white look, pack a few colorful accents. (I recommend checking out www.ColourMe.com where all accessories are merchandise by color!)

Finally, organize your toiletries, unmentionables and small accessories in fashion’s answer to zip lock, Tili Bags. Available in a bevy of pretty prints, Tili Bags can be clearly labeled and are a great way to organize yourself when you unpack at mom’s house.

Final tips: avoid the hassle of shoe removal buy zooming thru the airport in rollable, foldable Footzyrolls and never enter an airport without a pashmina in your favorite, look-at-me-I’m-fabulous color draped over your shoulder!

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