There are two things I love about winter – fur (sorry PETA) and shapewear. With beach season and the unforgivable bikini still months away, we can boost/adjust/fill-in/synch (fill in whatever word you like) our appearance under layers. As an advocate for shapewear for women of all sizes (yes even size two gals benefit), here’s a rundown of some of the best products on the market for all your bodylicious needs.

When you know it’s coming off: Look for shapewear with seductive finishes like Skweez Couture by Jill Zarin’s Lace Trim Briefs ($35). Leave it up to this stylish, hustling housewife to take care of our most intimate needs, not to mention the visual preferences of those who greet us at night.

When your thighs need some love: Layer on Skinny Britches from my beloved SPANX. From the Cheeky-Cut Thong to Capri style ($32- $64), the layers are so slim you won’t feel suffocated even if you opt to wear two or three pieces at a time. If you only buy one shapewear item, I strongly recommend it be the Skinny Britches Short.

When the space between you and your dress is biblically close: The Pinup Thong with underwire fromBody Wrap ($78) is a great option. You have no excuse for panty lines.

When you need a quick, economical, synching fix: There is no comparison to L’eggs Profiles High Waist Tights which cost less than $5 and are conveniently available at drug stores like Duane Read and CVS. PS Does anyone else remember when L’eggs actually came in plastic eggs? Tweet me #ILoveEggsLeggs @PamelaPekerman

When it’s all about the booty: Fake it for the night with SPANX Booty Booster Short ($68). Note: If you already have a booty, but you want to upgrade, don’t buy this. It will only look natural on a flat/semi-flat booty. Just trust me.

Pamela PekermanPamela Pekerman is a featured Fashion and Beauty contributor and is a premier lifestyle correspondent, host, accessory expert, and spokesperson reaching millions of women! For more about her click here for her full bio and all of her articles!

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