My mom is an amazing cook—and she’s always teaching me a thing or two in the kitchen. But even better, she’s always an integrative chiropractor, so while we’re cooking I get the latest news about what’s healthy and what’s not, and why. Recently, she was snazzing up some lentil burgers with fresh spices and shared how healthy some common spices are in our diets. I wasn’t entirely aware that spices were high in antioxidants, had anti-inflammatory properties and can actually help prevent and treat chronic disease. (more…) read more →

Looking for a super tasty, ultra healthy go-to pasta salad that you can make in minutes? This Savory Pasta Salad gets nutritional oomph and a mega flavor boost from our very own superfood Clean Cuisine “Savory Blend” Salad Booster (www, The complete recipe can be made in the time it takes to boil the pasta…in just under 10 minutes! (more…) read more →

There has been a lot of buzz around oils in the last couple years – one day you hear that a certain type of oil is a great healer and the next day it is killing us slowly.  How confusing!

That is why I want to talk about 3 of my favorite cooking oils for this month’s “Food of the Month”, and hopefully put some misconceptions to rest.  Not only are they healthy, delicious and easy to cook with, but they can double up as beauty products….nice! (more…) read more →

Chances are, if you’re gluten free/dairy free and invited to a dinner party you will be sitting at the dessert table drinking decaf and lusting after profiteroles.  Well, lust no more.  Next time, offer to bring a fabulous (and super easy) gluten free/dairy free treat and you’ll be the rockstar of the dessert table!

Frozen Chocolate Mud Pie

Sometimes only chocolate will satisfy and this super easy gluten free/dairy free Frozen Chocolate Mud Pie recipe triple delivers.  Big time.  No joke. (more…) read more →