Ok so I know some of you who are reading this post aren’t the biggest fans of this day due to a recent breakup, being single for longer then you would like or you’re just not in to Hallmark holidays.  I get it.  I am single too and trust me there are parts of me that wanted to be upset about this holiday and stew in loneliness because I don’t have a Valentine.  Although I believe that we should honor our feelings, I really didn’t feel like stewing in misery was productive in this particular situation! This is honestly why I decided to create the  Self Love Celebration (more on that next week) so I could support all of you, including myself, in putting the focus back on self-love. (more…) read more →

Giving thanks is something a lot of us are taught to do from childhood, but what’s the point?  This year I don’t want you to sit at another long table, saying a bunch of empty words. I want you To start incorporating your gratitude daily, not just on Thanksgiving.

Giving thanks is not a band-aid for reality. It’s not something you say or do because you don’t want to dwell in pain or because you want to be “good”. It’s an act of devotion. An act of acknowledgment. It’s healing and powerful. It’s (more…)

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Watch Bella Life Founder, Nitika Chopra on a common topic when working towards your careers goals; compare and despair. Know that you are on the right path when others around you achieve similar goals! Watch the wisdom unfold here! read more →

Since ancient times, as early as 2000 B.C., oatmeal has been recognized by the beauty gurus for its soothing and nutritional properties. It is so versatile, it can be used to help soothe winter skin, support a sunburned skin in the summer and to enhance your beauty from the inside out all year round.

You probably heard that this fiber-rich food does a great job at lowering bad cholesterol, but have you heard that its tiny fiber flakes can also create miracles on your skin? They make a powerful and yet gentle exfoliant that removes dead cells, irritation and redness from the surface of the skin, leaving a soft, natural glow behind. The proteins in oatmeal contribute to balance the skin’s natural barrier function, which ensures to keep the skin protected and healthy. (more…) read more →

You know when you have a super busy + amazing time in your life or business and it’s followed by a total SLOW period?! In this new video I share how the ups and downs of filming my talk show really taught me how to handle the calm after the storm and embrace it as a positive thing. read more →