Everyone should be acknowledged with a special treat on their birthday.  Whether it’s a piece or cake, a slice of pie, or a cupcake it’s important to always pop in a candle and recognize your special day!  But sometimes if you’re gluten free it’s hard to come up with a memorable (and spectacular) birthday dessert without a ton of advance planning.  That’s why we created this seven-layer cookie cake perfect for any special occasion and super easy to make on the fly! (more…) read more →

Making a Gluten Free Dirt Cake is really fun and always a huge crowd pleaser, especially with little kids.  This recipe is inspired by my daughter Stella who doesn’t like to get her hands dirty unless there’s chocolate and gummy worms involved and this recipe definitely delivers!   (more…) read more →

Sometimes the most simple ingredients create the most delicious treats and this elegant and beautiful dessert proves that point perfectly. Our Snickerdoodle Strawberry Surprise is wonderful combination of only three ingredients: Glow Gluten Free Snickerdoodle cookies, whipped cream and strawberries, it’s both gluten and dairy free, and it’s super easy to make!  So what are you waiting for?  Just stack two or three cookies between layers of whipped cream and strawberries and serve immediately. (more…)

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It’s springtime and there’s no dessert more light and lovely than a beautiful gluten free lemon square!  Here’s a super quick and easy gluten free lemon square recipe using our Snickerdoodle cookies that you can whip up when you’re ready to brighten anyone’s day. Happy Spring!

Ingredients for Snickerdoodle Crust:

4 Glow Gluten Free Snickerdoodle cookies

2 Tbs. melted butter (more…) read more →

When friends come over for dinner they always ask for Glow Gluten Free cookies for dessert.  Rather than serve a plain-Jane cookie plate, I love to get creative with our cookies.  Here’s a favorite cookie dessert for your next dinner party.  xo Jill


Chocolate Mousse Parfait

What’s better than chocolate for dessert? Scooping it out of a martini glass! We created this creamy and delish chocolate dessert that will impress the most discerning dessert-o-phile! Just make sure you have enough to go around! (more…) read more →