27 Feb 2012
February 27, 2012

Get The Courage To Wear Color

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I talk a lot about fear in beauty. Fear to wear red.  Fear to use an eyeliner or a lipliner to (gasp) fill in the brows.  Consumers can be locked in a box by marketing and they feel safe by following the rules.  After all, if a company says “this is is a lipliner, this is an eyeliner, and this is a brow definer” they have now sold you 3 pencils at 3 different prices instead of one that you can use for all 3 purposes.

One rule I see set time and time again is the women put on themselves “I can’t wear color.”  This is really tragic because everyone can… and should… wear color.  It just has to be the right one!  The model pictured to the right is wearing a tangerine orange lipstick.  When I pulled out the palette, her eyes lit up and she passionately stated “THAT one!  Please!?”  Even I hesitated, because we had already put a smokey eye on her, and you know the rules “Pick one.  Eyes, or lips.”  Well, excuse me, but I said forget the rules and put that tangerine color on the model and the results were magic.  Surprisingly, the brightness of the lips went perfectly with the smokey eyes and the balance was exactly what we needed to bring life to an otherwise dark and dreary look. (more…) read more →