Mommas Pearls 4 Week
Intensive Tele-Call Series:
i-5 Live!!

Date: Monday, February 13th
Monday, February 20th
Monday, February 27th
Monday, March 5th

Time: 8:00 – 9:30 EST

Location: Your Phone!
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In this second insightful and empowering 4 Week Intensive Tele-Call Series we will take a journey of Self-Love and build a space of unconditional love for yourself!!  Your love touches everything and we’ll explore Self-Care (or your lack thereof), how your love meter affects the Power Plays in your family and how your Family Wisdom perpetuates you.
We all want to be the best moms possible and we overlook how amazing we truly are!  Time to remove the pressure ladies and enjoy the journey of motherhood.

For one month, devote an hour and a half to yourself each Monday to check in and re-connect with where you are in your journey. Each session you will experience an inward moment, an insightful talk, and coaching session where you can share and discuss personal challenges and triumphs. We close each session with a gentle meditation and affirmation. Between calls you’ll receive an emails with additional guidance, resources and information.

With each session, you will be enriched, inspired and empowered. You’ll gain  precious gems to aid your parenting journey.



We’ll kick off the conversation with some background of the 4 cornerstones of parenting

and the power and purpose of SELF LOVE in all of our lives!!

Conference Dial-in Number: (605) 475-4000
Participant Access Code: 1001670#



I-5 Live!! Series begins Monday, February 13th

Call Time: 8pm – 9:30pmEST

Call Dates: 2/13, 2/20, 2/27, 3/5

Series Fee: $127 per person for 6+ intensive hours & more!! (valued over $500)

Call in number and access code for the series will be shared upon registration.  Each call is recorded and participants will have unlimited access to all call recordings.
For each inspired and empowered mom, there’s not just a family that benefits, but a community, the world and future generations.

Together we’ll hold space, focus, bring meaning, inspire joy and awaken to our beautiful role as spiritual mommas. Together we will bust myths that hold us back and build strength to forge ahead. You will be empowered to love your life, dirty diapers and all.

Series Focus


* Self Love is Not Selfish  * Unconditional Love  * Gentle Steps * Self Care Promotes Self Esteem

We start with what we all seek – Love. Your relationship with yourself is the gateway to every other relationship in your life. How you value yourself is magnified by your family. Respect, love, laugher, all stem from your ability to love yourself first. When was the last time you stopped and said I love you? Sure, you say it a million times to your kids and everyone else but when was the last time you genuinely felt love for YOURSELF? We’ll rekindle your self-love. The art of self-love is often lost in the family dynamic when you are so busy caring for everyone else. The most important connection you have in this lifetime is with yourself. Stop putting this foremost relationship on the back burner. It is not an ego thing, it’s a love thing! It’s not selfish, it’s self-love! Love yourself exactly as you are, all aspects unconditionally. Be your own best friend, cheerleader and confidant. Learn how to read your own feelings, take care of yourself and spend time with yourself. Carry this while being the powerful mother and wife that you are and see your family’s connection grow deeper and your relationships flourish. We’ll focus on acceptance, forgiveness, self-esteem, self-care and appreciation of YOU!!  You will feel centered and guided with a loving hand. How has your collective family’s perspective on self-love affected yours? We’ll spend the second call examining our family’s hand in developing a sense of unworthiness or distraction for your own self love and talk about how to keep the space clean so your children grow in a supportive environment where self-love is natural. You will receive guidance on developing rituals of self-care a most key component of self-love.


*Authority vs. Cooperation  *Alternative Routes *Neutral Zone * Crime & Punishment?  *Independence

Ever feel like parenting is really a battle of wits? We often act out and project our insecurities with our children. Usually it’s just a matter of attention, getting it and giving it. Do you feel like a task master just trying to get your kids to clean their rooms? We will call out and remove the power plays in our often subtle language, that often leave us in an uproar and wanting to banish our children from our kingdom. We’ll discuss how to lay down the law with a more gentle affirming approach. We’ll exchange our authority driven vocabulary to a more neutral conversation where our children learn to be more independent and responsible for their actions without having to turn into the task master.


* Past Family Patters   *Roadblocks to Your Path * Best Kept Secrets   *Traditions

What truths are universal for your family? What has been passed down to you that you wish to pass along to your family. Together we’ll break through any misgivings about self love that may have been passed down and insecurities. We’ll also examine what the role of crime and punishment played in our family systems which may shape your current power plays.

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