After surviving the cold winter months that always seem to linger on way too long, I cannot get enough of the heat.  Some people may think I’m crazy, but this is when my love affair with New York blossoms again.  A majority of people escape the city, especially on the weekends, leaving the diehard New Yorkers to play with less crowds and chaos.  I love the unusually calm energy the city has and enjoy being outside as much as possible.  As I am sunbathing in the park, doing yoga, strolling through the city streets, or Sunday brunching, I always try to remember to stay properly hydrated.  I am usually carrying a bottle of water in my bag, reusing a GT’s kombucha bottle.  I like using it over the other stainless steel water bottles because there is something about drinking out of glass that make everything taste better plus the cap seals really well! (more…) read more →