If you are a red blooded human you probably love spinach artichoke dip.  However, if you are even a little bit health conscious you know that spinach artichoke dip will leave you feeling like complete crap after you inevitably nose dive into it.

This Warm Spinach and White Bean Dip is the perfect antidote to your aforementioned food craving.

As someone who is always looking for ways to sneak more greens into my diet I can’t believe I didn’t think of this sooner!  But better late than never because this Warm Spinach and White Bean dip has been a total snacking revelation. (more…) read more →

This is better than your average risotto because you don’t have to stand over your pot for a solid 20 minutes stirring non-stop.

It’s a perfect cheat with a delicious pay off.  Simply make your quinoa as usual and saute up some veggies with extra liquid (who am I kidding, WINE!) to make a deliciously rich and creamy (yet creamless) mushroom quinoa risotto.

This is the perfect dish if you’re trying to impress someone, or if you just want a big batch of something wonderful to get you through the week.  Serve it with a giant green salad, sip on that extra vino and you will be in food paradise. (more…) read more →

I recently attended an amazing 3-course farm to table feast in Brooklyn where the entree was a lentil curry filled with seasonal veggies.  It was so delicious and so perfectly autumnal that I felt inspired to recreate something similar at home.

When the days turn short and chilly I crave warm, flavorful comfort food, but don’t always want to schlep out to get groceries. (more…) read more →

I created a gluten free, vegan, sugar free cookie…that taste amazing.

No, this is not a joke!

These cookie balls are the perfect anti-dote to cookie cravings.  You can make a batch and keep some in your fridge at work to alleviate any emergency sugar cravings. (more…) read more →

Are you always on the lookout for awesomely fast and filling recipes?  Well you’re in luck.  This is one of them!  Tempeh is one of my favorite proteins.  It is made from fermented soy so it’s totally vegan and easy to digest.  It also has a great texture (aka it doesn’t taste like mush) and holds only flavors easily.  These honey sesame triangles are a great weeknight meal.  Pair them with a simple vegetable side dish and you’re good to go.  Bonus: they make the house smell AMAZING. (more…) read more →