Communicate for Impact:
How to Be Taken Seriously
in Business

Date: Tuesday, March 27

Time: 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Location: Wix Lounge
10 W 18th Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY

Will your communication and social skills prepare you to thrive in our post-industrial digital age?

To succeed as a woman entrepreneur in the 2.0 economy requires strong communication skills and creative social intelligence whether you’re seeking to raise capital, sell your goods, motivate your team, or be taken seriously by clients, vendors, investors … basically anyone! Keeping your head down, doing your work, and just hoping that your great idea is acknowledged won’t land your next major deal.

Now is the PERFECT time for savvy women entrepreneurs like you to reevaluate your communication strategy and refresh your game plan!

In this interactive presentation, Colette Ellis will share a simple model that will improve your ability to communicate and become an expert in reading other people’s facial expressions and body language. You’ll begin to recognize how others see you (and if they take you seriously) by discovering your “People Style” [ASSESSMENT INCLUDED]

You’ll also learn how to be less defensive when having difficult conversations, and how to “flex” your communication style to have more positive outcomes with the stuff that counts for your business: better connections, more deals, and greater visibility.

Our host, Wix Lounge, is a free co-working and event space for entrepreneurs run by, a free website publishing platform for building desktop, mobile, and Facebook sites that also help you be taken seriously in business.

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