For me, what it means to be a woman is not something that is born out of the mind but an understanding that comes out of experiencing, being and feeling. The answer is closer than fingernails to the flesh, because the answer lies within us and comes from a source deep within our bodies. It is the rumblings and awakenings to our feminine energy, the source of who we are as women.  It is a life source that roots itself in our wombs and is our conscious choice to tap into and develop.

We are in the midst of a great movement of feminine awakening.  The question of what it means to be a woman and come into our power is surfacing after thousands of years of the suppression of the feminine and of women.  In ancient knowledge, it is said that the entire universe is the interplay between feminine and masculine, and that our bodies are microcosms of the universe.  We contain all within us — the feminine and masculine in divine interplay within.

However, over centuries the feminine has been suppressed.  It has been suppressed within us and thus in the world.  For women, this has resulted in disconnection from our bodies, a devaluing of ourselves as women, and the creation of structures, be it economic, political and cultural, that perpetuate the systemic oppression and violence against women and children.

We return back to this question of what it means to be a woman now, as we inherently feel a calling from within to return back to ourselves, and as we experience seismic shifts in our planetary and universal consciousness.  The tide has shifted too far to the masculine, the imbalance creating disastrous levels of greed, aggression and hard power that only few can take, including men.

For so many of us, this ‘return back’ is uncharted territory. We feel something but don’t know just exactly what it is or how to get there. We have to be assured that the mere feeling is sacred and something very worth listening to and following.

This ‘return back’ and following comes from a deep listening and receptivity, a listening to our bodies and inner stirrings and a receptivity to what the universe presents to us the moment we allow ourselves to open and receive.  Coming back to what it means to be a woman is not a forceful path, but one of great ease, nurturing and love.  We can begin to experience this, as we go into nature and experience the beauty and peace inherent in a flower or bird.  We call her Mother Nature for a reason, and she is our guide. We begin to experience ourselves as we swing our hips and feel the sensuous energy and beauty that comes once we drop all our judgment and begin to find pleasure and joy in our bodies.

Coming into my feminine awakening and power, has been the greatest and deepest source of my self-love and strength, and the place from which I share a deep calling for peace and love in the world.  I feel such joy to embark on this journey with you!



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About the Author

Committed to supporting women with awakening their true feminine spirit, Reena Desai is excited to share her mission with all of you Bella Beauties through articles just like this one. Reena coaches and guides women to live from their feminine nature as their greatest source of happiness, success and service to society. Want more of that in your life? Of course you do! Leave a comment or question below and Reena will be happy to guide you towards a happier more feminine you. To learn more about Reena Desai or to connect with her further, visit her Bella Life profile here.

2 Responses to What Does it Mean to be a Woman?
  1. hi Reena-
    so true*! & this is exactly why I enjoy painting portraits and figurative artworks of women… a connection to the Goddess that is all of Us. Love.

  2. Love your comment Kara – beautiful work <3




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