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Which Body Type Are You?

Can a female figure be perfect? Of course, there is a standard 90x60x90, but it is rather a podium one. In addition, the perfect body type is stunningly different from one generation to the next.

In the era of antiquity, the most attractive body type was the one with long legs. In the Middle Ages, a woman became a true symbol of motherhood, but the Inquisition brought a new fashion. Love for curvaceous forms was replaced by close attention to the thinness and pallor of the silhouette. Curvy forms became feminine again only in the period of rebirth. At this time, a woman with natural rounded shapes and all folds and irregularities of the body was considered perfect.

The figure of the 20th century is a triangle. Women with tight arms and legs, flat stomachs and narrow hips breathed a sigh of relief. But fashion is so fleeting that in the 21st century we adore large hips, lush breasts and a clear waistline.

How do you determine your body type?

Body type can be found by measuring body proportion. Leonardo Da Vinci spoke about them. His theory of the ideal proportions of a person is used by all fashion designers and stylists, as well as artists. First of all, it is necessary for fashion designers to create clothes for any type of figure.

There are 6 main female body types. They depend on the structure of the skeleton, the distribution of fat mass, the shape of the muscles, the proportions between the shoulders, chest, waist and hips. You can be very thin or a bun, but the body type will still be preserved.

To find out your body type, get a measuring tape and measure 3 parameters:

  1. Hips. Measure their widest part, keep the centimeter tape parallel to the floor;
  2. Waist. Measure the narrowest part, the abdomen should be relaxed;
  3. Chest. Measure the volume on a regular bra, without lining and push-up. Focus on the most convex point of the chest. Remember to keep the tape parallel to the floor!

Now you have a more accurate idea of your parameters. Define your body type:

body type

  1. Rectangle, straight, or “banana” – approximately the same size of the waist, chest and hips;
  2. Athletic – muscular but isn’t particularly curvy.
  3. Hourglass – narrow waist, equal volume of chest and hips;
  4. Apple – approximately the same volume of the waist, chest and hips with a smooth line;
  5. Triangle, or “pear”– shoulders and bust are wider than hips;

How to dress for your body type?

Pear shape

This body type is distinguished by a narrow upper body, small chest, wide hips. The waist is usually narrow, sometimes low, and very pronounced. The pear has a feminine reed and a flat stomach. Girls with this type of figure have a thin beautiful neck, model cheekbones and an enviable collarbone.

Fat is deposited mainly in the thighs and buttocks. The fuller the pear girl, the more pronounced her body type. The main thing for a pear is to maintain posture. This way the proportions of the body will always look smooth and natural.

In clothes, it is important to choose accents that emphasize the roundness of the hips and a thin waist. Flared skirts, flared pants, fitted shirts and jackets, bell-shaped cardigans and ruffled chest dresses will create a light, exciting and stylish look for you. To correctly balance the figure, it is recommended to wear blouses with voluminous arms and shoulder pads.

Recommended clothes:

  • Fitted outerwear, trapeze coat;
  • Any fitted clothing with false shoulders (coats, jackets);
  • Blouses, tops and tank tops with open shoulders, sleeveless or wide neckline;
  • A-line skirt or pencil;
  • Dark trousers or straight leg jeans;
  • Trousers or jeans that flare downwards.

Clothes to avoid:

  • Baggy outerwear, long coats, straight cut;
  • Tops or blouses with a neckline, turtlenecks;
  • Bright massive thigh straps;
  • Tight trousers or pipe trousers, especially in light colors or with a bold print;
  • Trousers or jeans with decorative elements on pockets or a belt, fluffy skirts, flared skirts;
  • Trousers or skirts with a lot of weighting elements: lace, ruffles, pleats.

Hourglass shape

The hourglass is a standard female body type. It is also called the X-type. This body type is considered a model one. Regardless of whether you are overweight or slim, almost any outfit you wear will look beautiful.

With a voluminous chest and buttocks, the hourglass waist is always narrow. Now it is extremely popular, even with extra centimeters, because the top and bottom of the X-type look organic.

Recommended clothes:

  • Fitted silhouettes;
  • Blouses, coats and raincoats with a wrap and belts;
  • V-neck or round neckline on blouses and dresses;
  • Pencil skirt, trapeze or sun;
  • Jeans and trousers with a high rise;
  • Waist belt as an accessory.

Clothes to avoid:

  • Baggy clothing that hides the silhouette;
  • Outerwear of a straight cut;
  • High or low waist dresses or blouses;
  • Jeans or trousers with a low rise.

Apple shape

Girls with this body type are lucky to have slender legs and a neckline that is the envy of many women. Experts note that many women of royal families possessed this type of figure. Smooth lines from shoulders to hips will look majestic with the right wardrobe.

Bright makeup, bold neckline and open legs will divert attention from the voluminous waist. In the time of Rubens, you could be on one of his paintings!

Recommended clothes:

  • A-line coat, outerwear with A-line silhouette (narrow at the chest and widening downwards);
  • V-neck blouses or tops;
  • Dresses with A-line or wrap;
  • Pants and flared jeans with large pockets;
  • Clothes with large details (frills, patterns, draperies) below the hip line;
  • Plain clothes with vertical darts.

Clothes to avoid:

  • Very tight or baggy clothing;
  • Tops and blouses without sleeves, with a neckline or ties at the neck;
  • Turtlenecks, short tops;
  • Clothes with a bright print, ruffles, decorative elements on the shoulders and belly;
  • Skinny pants, trousers and jeans with no pockets or low rise;
  • Tight skirts, pencil skirt.

Rectangle, straight, or “banana” shape

In this body type, the shoulders, waist and hips are approximately equal. Most women with a rectangle body shape tend to be overweight. At the same time, they have very developed muscle memory and therefore, there are no problems with losing weight when doing sports.

Rectangles suffer from a lack of waist and a bulging belly. It is easy to hide it with clothes. Thick fabrics and straight seals will highlight your body ad-vantages.

Recommended clothes:

  • Fitted outerwear, coat with a belt;
  • Tops with thin straps, blouses with sleeves with a flashlight;
  • Jackets or outerwear with a straight shoulder line;
  • Dresses without shoulder straps or with a wrap;
  • A-line skirt, sun or with a slit;
  • Slim-fit trousers or jeans with a medium or low rise;
  • Classic straight trousers.

Clothes to avoid:

  • Baggy or oversized clothing;
  • Clothing that exposes the abdomen;
  • Straight cut outerwear or dress;
  • T-shirts, sleeveless or cut-out tops, turtlenecks;
  • Leggings, pencil skirts.

Athletic shape

Athletic body type women are characterized by broad shoulders against the background of narrow hips, the absence of a pronounced waist (the difference in the volume of the waist and hips is less than 25 cm), often a large chest, narrow pelvis, almost flat buttocks. This type of figure is commonly seen in female athletes and dancers. The upper body may be slightly shorter than the lower body. Sometimes a massive top is adjacent to slender legs. The metabolic rate is average. The excess weight is distributed in the upper body – arms, shoulders, sides and abdomen, as well as at the waist.

The task of athletic body type females is to visually enlarge the lower body and visually reduce the width of the shoulders.

Recommended clothes:

  • A-line coat;
  • Square, V- or U-necklines on dresses, tops or blouses;
  • Pants or jeans with a low rise;
  • Dresses or tops with a peplum (frill below the waist);
  • Wide massive thigh straps;
  • A-line skirts with a wrap, pleats or large pockets.

Clothes to avoid:

  • Long straight coats, baggy outerwear;
  • Tops or blouses with a wide boat neckline;
  • Bright oversized sweaters or jumpers;
  • Clothes with false shoulders;
  • Blouses or jackets with puff sleeves;
  • Dark straight trousers or jeans, leggings;
  • Pencil or ankle-length skirt.

If you know which styles are more suitable for your body type, then it will be much easier to decide on purchases in an online store or a regular store. You will save time, choose the perfect clothes and go in a brand new dress or trousers and a skirt to meet with your family and friends in the best mood!