26 Feb 2010
February 26, 2010

Your Lifestyle Resolution

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Let March be the month you set your Lifestyle Resolution.  Release any New Year’s resolutions you may have set for yourself and focus on the positive steps you can begin to make.  The premise behind the Lifestyle Resolution is deciding to make a conscious decision to improve your health and vitality for the long term through a gradual transition and overall lifestyle change.  Below are some simple techniques that will guide you through this exciting journey of transformation!

1)    Set reasonable goals and timelines. Be patient. Your body and health did not get this way over night and no matter what you read or see advertised on TV, there is no such thing as a quick fix or miracle pill.  Diet programs that promise instant results are impossible to sustain in the long-term and are usually not health promoting.  An easy way to start is by increasing the amount of fresh fruits and veggies you eat daily, while reducing your intake of processed and fast foods.

2)    Crowd out, don’t just eliminate foods. Gradually, transition your eating habits by making sure to add new healthy alternatives for any non-ideal foods you would like to stop eating.   This way, you will not end up feeling deprived and frustrated with minimal or tasteless meal options.  For example, if you want to stop eating dairy, try the different varieties of nut, rice and coconut milks available.  During the hot summer months, I love to try the array of coconut and nut-based ice creams you can find in most grocery stores by brands such as, Coconut Bliss and Organic Nectars.

3)    Keep your body hydrated. It is important to realize that the human brain is about 85% water and even with mild dehydration you will develop feelings of fatigue.  Drinking an adequate amount of water also aids in weight loss by suppressing your appetite and reducing excess sodium.  Therefore, let water be the first thing you put in your body each morning and allow yourself to start the day off fresh and clear headed.  My trick is to keep a full glass of water by my bed at night, so when I wake up in the morning it is there waiting for me.

4)    Stay wise to health food gimmicks. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the no fat, low sugar, zero calorie so-called healthy foods and snacks that fill the grocery shelves.  These foods are packed with chemicals, artificial flavors, and hidden sugars that leave you feeling unsatisfied.  The empty calories and lack of nutritional elements cause your body to crave more and you to eat an excess amount.  If you are craving something sweet, eating the proper portion of the ‘real thing’ such as dark chocolate or even a cup cake is better than polishing off a box off fat free cookies with NO taste.

5)    Hold space for the inner being and spirituality within you. Allow meditation to become part of your daily routine.  Dedicating just five minutes a day will help improve your outlook and perspective on life.  Meditating allows you to clear your mind of negative thoughts and experiences and allows your intuition to guide you.  There are many free-guided meditations available on the web and iTunes. Some great ones to try are from my personal life coach, Gabrielle Bernstein as well as Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, and Deepak Chopra.

So, throw away your scales and the belief that you will have to start counting calories and fat grams.  The ultimate objective should be about feeling good inside and out!

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  1. SO TRUE,

  2. Amen Sister! Thanks so much for your beautiful tips! I especially liked the one about meditation, as that is my cure-all and go-to for everything! That and LOVE! I can’t wait to come to your restaurant and try your yummy and nutritious eats! xoxo

  3. Toni, I love this article, and we know that a healthy life style lead to feeling andliving better.

  4. Toni, Thank you for this article – I just stared the program P90X and like your point #1 Set reasonable goals and timelines and #2 crowd out, don’t just eliminate foods!!

  5. Great article Toni! I’ve worked as a personal trainer for 8yrs and everything in your article I’ve found to be absolutely true. The people that are able to obtain the best results are the ones who made “life-style changes.” Also,I have been fighting the fight against “low-fat” junk food for years. Unfortunately I’m not as good at marketing as the ones who produce those products : ) Great job.

  6. Toni – Great article! After many discussions with you, I am working on changing little things and have added exercise/meditation into my daily routine. I’m proud of you sis!

  7. Great article Toni! I love the tips easy to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. This article is right on time in my life :)

  8. love it- I want to read this every morning, and before every meal- beautifully written and it all reigns so true

  9. Hi Toni,
    I am so impressed with your article and subscribe to everything you have to say! I am amazed especially because it took me so many (50) years to know these truths and yet you say them so eloquently! I must repeat how important it is to keep oneself hydrated–as you so rightly point out in your article. (As we speak, my dog Roofus is hydrating himself from the toilet bowl…where are his manners?!…) Good for you Toni, for your ability to shed some light on the subject of good nutrition and your common sense approach. Love, Aunt Jan

  10. Hi Toni,

    I love your article, the subject is so timely with so many different products out there that do promise to make you shed the pounds. I find the same is true about water, I love water and keeping it near your bed is a great idea, it’s so refreshing and it keeps your skin soft. The part about meditation is something I need to work on because I carry so much anxiety, thanks for the tips, great work Toni. Love Gina

  11. I love every word that Toni wrote. Amen.

  12. I continue to come back to this article every once in a while when I’m feeling overwhelmed about how to manage eating right with the million things I’m always trying to do. I eat constantly, so the tip about crowding out bad food with other healthier food is key for me. If I just tried to eliminate the bad food without paying careful attention to replacing it I’d be famished and vulnerable to whatever unhealthy snacks were around me!

    Thanks again for all the great tips, Toni. I look forward to reading more!

  13. Great article, Toni! I especially liked the beginning where you stated that our bodies did not become the way they are now overnight. Therefore, we must be patient in the process. I think sometimes we can get caught up in trying to get thin or lose weight for a specific occasion, instead of aiming for optimal health everyday. I thank you for writing this article to help people realize that this is a lifestyle resolution, not just for one year! Thank you!

  14. I just wanted to thank everyone for your amazing comments and feedback! It brings me such joy to hear that you are benefiting from the articles and inspires me to find other helpful topics and tips to share with you! Hope you are all enjoying the summer – Toni

  15. meditation, meditation, meditation. I’ve always said it!

  16. What a pleasure to read. Wonderfully written!! #2 and #5 are particularly relevant.

  17. Anyone who recommends throwing out the scales gets a big ol thumbs up from me! Good tips:)


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