I speak with a variety of entrepreneurs, friends, co-workers, and so forth on a daily basis. Often I get hit up with technical questions {I’m a nerd like that} “How do I boost my social media?” “What do I do to up my Google presence” “How do I set up a crafty auto-responder” “I have a website NOW WHAT!?!”

As the interwebs have taken over marketing it can be utterly confusing on where an entrepreneur should begin. In today’s technical world there is always some new social networking site (Hello Pinterest!), new app for your smart phone, or new way to engage with your clients. For the non tech savvy person (or the ones that get lost or left feeling confused Charlie Brown’s teacher ring a bell? “Wah wah wah”) I am very excited to share my dot com tips and tricks in an outline of sorts.

FIRST -> Get Yo Self on the Social Networking Train

Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are where it’s at these days! If you aren’t on these sites and own a business of some sort I highly highly recommend that you jump on the bandwagon asap. If you are already on these sites but use it for more of a personal account you will want to create an account just for your business. Facebook has several options when it comes to setting up your page and depending on what you are offering you can narrow it down accordingly. Since I am a Healthy LifeStylist, my business page is listed as a “Coach”. If you are a product based business then go with the “brand or product” choice and have further selections there (if you sell homemade baked goods or you sell hula hoops there is sure to be a good option to categorize yourself as). Listing yourself in the closest and best category will help to build your brand identity! With Facebook, there are so many things you can add in and integrate right on your business page, for further tricks check out my article “5 Fierce and Focused Ways to UP Your Facebook Presence”. There is a lot that can be said for Twitter and that is an entire article in itself! It is up to you if you want to maintain a personal handle and a business handle. I personally only have one account since my business is truly evoking my personality. For your handle name you will want have it either state your name or your business so that people are easily able to find and connect with you. Scheduling sites such as hootsuite and su.pr help make staying active easy! Be sure to set up your bio for success by giving followers (and possible followers) a simple understanding of what you are all about. Using social networking sites is one of the best ways to market your business for success!

SECOND -> Format Your Newsletter Game Plan

Depending on your business maintaining a standard newsletter format is key. When I say format I’m talking about a predetermined plan of when your subscribers can expect content from you. Pick a day, time and how often you’re sending and stick with it! This will keep your readers on your list and begin to build a trusted relationship. When you pick a day your readers will always be on the lookout for what you have to say that week. There are so many easy to use email marketing systems out there from Constant Contact, A Webber to Mail Chimp. All of these are similar and can be easy to use and set up it is honestly just personal preference and which one you feel most comfortable with. If you don’t have one just yet I highly suggest you go to all of the above (and there are more!) and give em a test drive. See which one resonates with you and which one you understand the most. Worried that you have no clue how to code an email or think it’s going to be super difficult to get started? All of these are geared toward the html novice and offer a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format so anyone can create a newsletter!

THIRD -> Maintain Your Brand Integrity

One thing that may seem very basic is maintaining your brand identity on and offline. When you think of your favorite brands and why you constantly go back it’s partially because you like them and also because you know what you are getting – you trust the service or product. The same thing holds true for entrepreneurs – you are creating your own brand and want to ensure that you are getting consistent readership and repeat customers. As a new business owner we all know that things will be constantly evolving however once you pick your overall look, feel and your voice you want to ensure that you stick with it. Think of this as a first date. When we go out with someone for the first time it’s a trial, a get to know the other person. Same goes with your business and online presence, the goal is to have the viewer become in love with your voice, your services and so on. You don’t want to in the middle of the relationship or courtship pull a 180 on them and change your entire personality/look. Brand integrity is very important for a company and I’ve seen companies go all over the place. Once you create a logo, an article, a digital product it is out there and the world begins to recognize you for this. To keep people on board maintaining + owning your voice is key to building you’re on and offline relationships.

FOURTH -> Build Your Reputation + Online Relationships GET LINKED!

My final tip for going online with your company is all about building your reputation, relationships and a simple point to build your SEO + Google presence – GET LINKED! Just like any other offline social setting you want to harness and create a trusted solid reputation and become seen as an expert in your industry. This is where your brand integrity + what you are putting out there and offering come into play. To use my business as an example, I am THE Confident Coach so I am consistent in my voice and consistently am putting out good content that will build my reputation as someone people will trust and look to for advice with confidence. When it comes to building relationships you will want to reach out and research the fellow business owners in your same field. Begin a conversation with them whether it be commenting on their Facebook, blog, or writing them a personal e-mail you want to begin establishing your business connections. You never know when you will want to partner up or seek advice from someone. Linkage is huge and can help increase your search engine optimization. When posting items on your website if there is something in there that can be hyperlinked to another external website, or an internal link to another page on your own site Link it Up! By doing this consistently you are working on building your Google presence and are upping your chances of being found. There is a whole world behind SEO and high Google placement but I’ve already given A LOT of tips and I’m sure it can be very overwhelming!

I would love to hear from you on how this helps your own business or if you have questions please comment below!

Ashley Taylor is a featured Business Matters Contributor and she is a Healthy LifeStylist coach leading women to live + obtain their confident empowered destiny. For more about her click here for her full bio and all of her articles!

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  1. The newsletter was a BIG one for me. & made such a huge difference.

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